Could the debate turn on Benghazi?

Dear Mr. President:

Tonight, when you are challenged on Benghazi (you do know that that one is coming, right?) I think (and isn’t that what matters here?) that you must 1) correct one by one the points of misinformation that people have already absorbed, 2) follow  with a policy statement about Libya and the region, and 3) own up to some part of it. Any part.

Also, Moe thinks it essential that throughout those remarks, viewers see and hear a President of the nation that was attacked, not a candidate who himself is under attack.

Oh, and don’t get defensive. Please don’t do that.

Love, Moe

3 responses to “Could the debate turn on Benghazi?

  1. I find the handling of this dissapointing, and it seems to be getting more attention than when it happened as we approach the election.

    I have a feeling this town hall format will focus mostly on domestic concerns though. I’m not sure that format makes foreign policy discussion too likely.


  2. The Atlantic published a story today containing the full State Department description of the attack on the Benghazi compound, issued last week. It’s quite harrowing. Plus I believe tonight’s debate will be on foreign policy.


  3. Great advice Moe! Hope Obama was listening 🙂


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