What mac said in 2010. (We wuz smart!)

In comments below, talking about Obama, mac just reminded me of a dialogue he and I had in June of 2010, after he posted 10 reasons Obama is quitting in 2012. I just re-visited the post – quite prophetic and a must read – our conversation back then is eerily accurate, given that it was only 15 months into the presidency. (I am surprised that I’d had so many misgivings s0 early –  I’d actually forgotten.)

I think mac got it right in all ten points, except for thinking that it would be Obama’s decision not to do a second term. If there’s no second term, the decision will not have been his.

20 responses to “What mac said in 2010. (We wuz smart!)

  1. Here’s two reasons why I think he ran in 2008, was he wanted to add the job of president to his resume, and to prove once and for all that a black person can run and win the election. Those are my assumptions.


  2. Some of those point ring true. Maybe he has just had it. He sure acted that way. Well, I lived trough Nixon. I can live through Romney


  3. So do you really think Obama has lost it? That his drive and and want for the job is gone? Could you see him voluntarily handing over the Presidency to Romney? It would be an interesting abdication if it were, him saying “sod it the jobs unpleasent and a bore – I’m off”.


  4. We’ll ALL see on Tuesday……


  5. Awesome post Moe 🙂


  6. The listless debate performance explained!


  7. It does often seem that Barack Obama enjoys pursuing the Presidency much more than being President. I thought that it seemed to me that he started acting like a candidate much earlier in his term than I expected, as opposed to thinking the best way to keep the job is to DO the job.


  8. Thanks for the link to the WOW list!


  9. I finally got around to reading Mac’s list of reasons why Obama might not run again, and it left me wondering why he is running. All the reasons are spot-on true, and probably the strongest one was number 10:

    Disfunctional Congress. The institution of filibuster destroys his ambitions of fixing health care and all other reforms in the pipeline.

    With the Teavangelicals in charge and signed up with Grover Norquist, nothing useful can get done. Who needs a job where everybody outside your bubble snarls at you?


  10. Obama is back in the led in the national polls…

    What a good intro to tomorrow’s debate….


  11. If what mac posited is true, and if – as is also very possible – Romney is really running just to win (his Dad didn’t make it), could we be looking at two candidates neither of whom is that into actually running the place?

    This week’s debate can lose it for Obama if he doesn’t pick up his game.

    And everyone should start using Jim’s word “teavangelicals’. It is perfect.


  12. When will the excuses for Obama stop ? When he retires . Poor, poor pitiful me. He had huge Congressional majorities for half his term and still has the Senate . My gosh, no other President ever had such partisan opposition in Congress .

    You guys might as well make up a top ten David Lettermen list of excuses for Obama’s defeat . Number 1= Racism. Number 2= Romney lied .

    I am serious when I say that Obama should run for Governor of California when he retires from being President . You have a whole state that thinks like he does . No Republican will ever defeat him for that job .


  13. Alan…..

    No President in recent history has faced a headwind that Obama has….
    NO BS….
    No Final Budget from the jump…
    Obstructionist quick sand for the President….
    Alternate Universe beliefs from the GOP….

    Oh, Yea….


  14. Oh, and THOSE things you said?

    Put them on the list…..


  15. Jamesb,

    From now on, every President gets to blame the failures of his first 4 years on his predecessor and the other party . He gets a free shot for his second term . In golf they call it a Mulligan .

    You can’t give me an argument that President Obama’s second term will be better. You can only promise more excuses .


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