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Friday night oldie

Added bonus: it’s on American Bandstand

Just sayin’

Rep. Steve King:

“I think it’s a constitutional violation” and “We’ve never had a president with that level of audacity and that level of contempt for his own oath of office.”

House Speaker John Boehner:
“There’s a Constitution that we all take an oath to, including him!”
And then, of course, there’s this:

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) said Tuesday night he left President Obama’s State of the Union speech early after “hearing how the president is further abusing his Constitutional powers.”

“I could not bear to watch as he continued to cross the clearly-defined boundaries of the Constitutional separation of powers,” Stockman said in a press release shortly after Obama’s speech ended. “Needless to say, I am deeply disappointed in the tone and content of tonight’s address.”

Stockman said Obama was promising to “break his oath of office and begin enacting his own brand of law through executive decree.”

Another duck goes down. Murder or mischief?

Who could possibly harbor hostility toward this cheerful creature?

Well, in May, in Hong Kong, someone did. This was not an accident! And now it’s happened again. This time in Taiwan, where that adorable creature was taken down in just eight days!

There’s a sinister pattern at work here, but now authorities searching for the killer may have solved the case:

Murder most fowl? According to Taiwan media reports, one tourist claims she saw what looked like an eagle scratch the rubber duck with its talons.

If that’s indeed the case, jealousy could very well have been the motivation behind this unprovoked attack.

duckPerhaps this time, the Taiwan duck was too cute to bear. Here he is on the happy launch day). And then as the tragedy unfolds before the eyes of horrified spectators.

Want Internet speed? Go somewhere else.

Sure. Free markets my ampersand . . .

A good man, a good American. Plus he cleaned up the Hudson River

Like the great troubadours before him, he loved his nation and its people. He loved justice, the earth that nourishes us and he loved music.

And this is how a pro wraps up a career – with Bruce at his side!

And this is from the 1950’s (Seeger in the foreground):

RIP old man.

I hope, at least, that Andrea Mitchell is embarassed

I dare you to not be impressed

Besides becoming the most successful children’s author of all time (sold 600 million of his 44 books and reached a billion readers), Theodore Seuss Geisel, or as he is more commonly known, Dr. Seuss, was:

  • a painter
  • an editorial cartoonist
  • an ad man
  • a Navy Admiral
  • a sculptor
  • an Army Major
  • an Academy Award winning short filmmaker, and
  • a doctoral recipient.

Wow. Just wow.



Elyse says do this, so do this. I did.

Pouring My Art Out

I want to break the all-time record for the most comments on a WordPress blog post.


Okay, some of you will see this as a shallow attempt on my part to bump up my stats.

And I’m not saying you are wrong.

But here’s the thing… oh, thing, I missed you, where have you been?

I have always said that I have the best commenters on WordPress. I have two posts that have over 1,000 comments on them… True, half of those are my return answers to comments, because I always answer my comments, but still… And I will even go so far as to admit that my comment sections… OUR comment sections… are sometimes the funniest part of my posts. Are you happy now?

But this all has me wondering what the record for number of comments on one post actually is. I want to see…

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But then – gasp! – this is Shanghai

UPDATE: To be fair to today’s Shanghai (as jonolan points out), this is also Shanghai.

This is Mexico City

There are a lot of  people there these days – a bit over 8 million in the city limits, 22 million in the greater city. I find that birds-eye view terrifying in an apocalyptic way.

But then this is Mexico City too . . . perspective is powerful.

Stop me before I volunteer again!!

I’m here. Honest. To prove it, here’s an oldie.


Very satisfying

I think it’s safe to assume we’ll not be bothered anymore by the odious Liz Cheney. Seems nobody cares what she thinks.

Cheney, like her father, is an unapologetic neoconservative who favors muscular use of American military power overseas, a policy that does not sit well with many grassroots conservatives, particularly in the libertarian-leaning West.


Friday night oldie

Here it is 2014 and I’m taking you back to 1958 – 56 years ago. Egad.

You know you’re old when . . .

. . .  you are writing something and put down the correct year – on Day One.

So, here it is the 8th Day of Christmas

My local retail establishments are setting up Valentine’s Day displays, and driving around I see many many Christmas trees at the curb for tomorrow’s recycle pick-up. (The artificial trees? I think they’re down already.)

So it’s up to we of the Secular persuasion to hold to the tradition. My tree – living (okay, recently murdered) and smelling sweet – will stand proud until at least the 12th day. And perhaps beyond depending on my mood.