The road most traveled

Well, well, well. Aren’t we the little opportunist.

Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-SC, likes Newt Gingrich. Really. This very morning, on the teevee, he made that clear. He wasn’t asked of course how this could be since up to last week he was publicly cautioning against Newt. As someone who served in Gingrich’s Congress, Graham experienced a volatile, unreliable, scatter-shot and dangerous man. And the Senator has been saying so.

Graham even likes Gingrich’s immigration position!

Whee! Haley Barbour too! Not endorsing, but softening the anti-Gingrich rhetoric. He’s still a Romney man, but old Haley is cautiously hedging his bet. A smart politician sets up his eventual flip flop.

6 responses to “The road most traveled

  1. Lindsey Graham is a oddity….

    A fairly moderate GOP Senator in SC…..
    He…like Mitt goes with the wind…..
    After the SC win for Mitt one must remember a few things….
    Mitt Romney is STILL the front runner for teh nomination….
    He has like 40 delegates ……
    Newt like 26….
    Mitt Romney STILL leads Newt in EVERY other state polled so far…
    I’m sure that will change somewhat as the hype expands in the media….
    Newt really doesn’t have many friends in the stablished GOP ranks……

    We know it will be a race for the GOP nomination….
    If Mitt can find a way to better his debate performances in the next 9 days….
    Failure to do so …..
    WILL probably give Newt the lead….

    Oh, yea if Romney does win….
    Look for Lindsey Graham to change directions…


  2. Now I’m going to have to turn on Glenn Beck tomorrow morning, to see if he has turned into a Newt-fan all of a sudden.


    • Who’s he been backing? Paul?


      • He has been backing The Santorum.

        Glenn hates Ron Paul’s foreign policy stance. Also, Rick Santorum knows that the freedoms in the Constitution don’t give you the right “to do whatever you like”, they give you the freedom to “do what is right”, meaning what the Bible tells you to do.


        • Of course – I thought Paul because of all that ‘gold standard’ stuff. But hey, when it’s a choice betwen that and his theocrat brethren . . . of course it had to be Santorum.


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