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I got off your lawn John; now what do you want?

Miss Graham’s dream of advancing to chief scold are foiled again, as current and senior scold Sen. John McCain abandons Arizona altogether and takes up permanent residence on the floor of the US Senate.

Benghazi forevah!

The road most traveled

Well, well, well. Aren’t we the little opportunist.

Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-SC, likes Newt Gingrich. Really. This very morning, on the teevee, he made that clear. He wasn’t asked of course how this could be since up to last week he was publicly cautioning against Newt. As someone who served in Gingrich’s Congress, Graham experienced a volatile, unreliable, scatter-shot and dangerous man. And the Senator has been saying so.

Graham even likes Gingrich’s immigration position!

Whee! Haley Barbour too! Not endorsing, but softening the anti-Gingrich rhetoric. He’s still a Romney man, but old Haley is cautiously hedging his bet. A smart politician sets up his eventual flip flop.

The three amigos – on the road again

Sometimes I wonder what’s going on wtih these three. If you google “McCain Lieberman Graham” dozens of images come up – the trio traveling, the trio partying, the trio politicin’, the trio standing at various podiums. They are always together. And today they’re back in Kabul. Doing something.

Ahh, here’s what they’re doing . . . they went to Afghanistan to have a press conference to criticize Obama’s announced troop drawdown. Because you can’t do that from D.C. And this is just the weekend to criticize the Presdident on foreign soil.

Hope they get some barbeque. And beer.