We ain’t seen nothin’ yet

Breathing was briefly interrupted tonight in board rooms, banking houses, country clubs and genteel neighborhoods all over this nation as news spread that the chubby, ethically challenged serial-adulterer Newt Gingrich had bested Romney by double digits.

It’s a blow; now comes the panic.

(And I bet Mitch Daniels’ phone is ringing again)

9 responses to “We ain’t seen nothin’ yet

  1. Is it November yet? I’m tempted to stay in bed until the election is over, just so I don’t have to look at Gingrich, Romney, or Santorum.


  2. Supposedly Romney won in Iowa by eight votes, but supposedly lost by 69 votes, as supposedly Santorum won. Romney NH won in NH, as that was a given. Now Newt wins in SC, although he is a racist and whatever else shit bag. Let’s see what happens in Florida. As we all know, in the eyes of the GOP, its anybody but Romney, and they created the monster of a mess, and they can’t seem to do anything about it.
    Maybe they’ll have better luck in 2016, when and if they finally figure out what the hell they are doing wrong.


  3. Your post says it all!
    It would be funny, if it weren’t for the fact that such a large group of Americans are so motivated by fear and bigotry.


    • Fear and bigotry are ever popular Donald – history is full of examples, isn’t it.

      Most shocking to me is how racism has come out of the closet since Obama was elected. Before that, people kept quiet because it was no longer socially acceptable to be overt about it. But now? Out of the mouths of presidential candidates. Ugly stuff.


  4. Just posted some polling stats that y’all will find comforting.



  5. Just a few days ago, all the pundits were saying that this election was finished and Romney was the clear winner. I’m so glad it’s turned interesting again 🙂


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