A legend in his own mind

The Newtster is sure having him some fun and dreaming dreams of what I think is his real goal – “a series of three-hour Lincoln-Douglas style debates”. Without a moderator of course. It’s not a stretch to think he’s less interested in the Presidency than he is in 12 hours in front of the cameras with a real President.

But it’ll still be Romney. Here is why a Newt nomination is a mirage. From the last six months of national polls:

In August 2011, Gingrich had a favorability rating of 26% and an unfavorability rating of 57%.

By December 2011, he was up to 43% favorability. Big jump.

And yet? Last week, Gingrich has a favorability rating of 26% and an unfavorability rating of 60%.

Even more people don’t like him. That’s how it always goes with Gingrich.

5 responses to “A legend in his own mind

  1. You don’t think Newt is gonna last?


  2. He’s got the Mo on the Right…..


    • He”s got mo’ right now james. And he might even take Florida. But ultimately? No way. The guy has a 60% disapproval rating. And the Republican Party will NOT allow him to take the nomination because they want to beat Obama. Only Romney has a shot at that.

      Also, most Republicans loathe the man.


  3. OMG, I shudder to think this person has even the remotest chance of being this country’s president.


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