The war on Christmas

Seems there were warriors on one side only. So it’s been called off. Everyone may now head home.


7 responses to “The war on Christmas

  1. Seasons Greetings everyone!


  2. Oh damn! And I just got my candy canes sharpened! Oh, well, maybe next year.


  3. Merry Christmas, Moe! And jolly holidays 😀


  4. Christmas will have to try very hard to surpass our wonderful Eve. And the trifle was terrific. Thanks.


  5. I never noticed a war on Christmas.

    But with that said, it is funny how the more inclusive you try and make something, the more one group cries foul.

    Plus Christmas is more of a holiday for westerners than a holiday for pagans, despite it’s roots. Not fair the pagans should keep it all to themselves. 😛


    • It’s always been clear as a bell that early Christians (2nd century) looked at the popularity of the pagan Winter Solstice celebrations (Dec 21) and decided to ‘get them some of that’. Thus Christmas.


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