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Calling Bill O’Reilly and all Christian warriors

Some damn organization calling itself the National Republican Congressional Committee has joined the vile War on Christmas. Suit up Patriots! Let’s get ’em.
Yep, this was inevitable. Also, it's not a video. Stop clicking it.

Has Palin changed religions?

palin-moneySarah is hustling to rake in those last dollars before she fades entirely into obscurity. And how better than a book declaring her committment to stopping those who have declared the ‘War on Christmas’. 

Now, those who declared that War were just down the hall from Sara in the Fox News Channel marketing department . Perhaps she didn’t know that. But as she’s recently been fired, I’m going to guess that they thought it prudent to stop her before she came through on her “committment to stop” them.

From her big announcement:

Palin also “will share personal memories and traditions from her own Christmases and illustrate the reasons why the celebration of Jesus Christ’s nativity is the centerpiece of her faith.”

Maybe. But that’s not the centerpiece of Christianity.

Now I hear the pagans want their solstice tree back

Dare ya’!

One by one our American Christmas traditions have been falling into place – and right on schedule. Last week, the White House tree was delivered, then cyber-Thanksgiving went off with its now world-famous vulgar celebration of mindless consumerism, and tonight is the lighting of the Rock Center Tree. One thing has been missing though – until now.  Fox News has finally launched its traditional War on the War on Christmas. Sleigh bells ring.

I love these guys.

Oh, I meant to say earlier . . .

. . . that, for the second year, the War on Christmas has been called off because the soldiers failed to show up, which left poor Bill O’Reilly starved of targets. Anyway, those of you who did stand at the ready, you may now return home. Nice try.

Comrades! Tis the season!

Sleeper cell?

A lot of the headlines in my paper this week are about the urgent national need to get shopping. So I guess it’s time

Kiss the children and oil up your weapons – it’s nearly time for me and my fellow liberals to pick up those arms and go once again into the breach in our never-ending War on Christmas!

The war on Christmas

Seems there were warriors on one side only. So it’s been called off. Everyone may now head home.