The most tender – and strangely sad – Christmas song

8 responses to “The most tender – and strangely sad – Christmas song

  1. What’s strangly about it? Or is that a reference to getting all choked up?

    (I have zero Christmas spirit…)


  2. Hey Moe!
    I just wanted to stop by to wish you and yours a very “Merry Christmas” and I hope all is well for you.


  3. Ms. Holland,

    I’m usually pretty good on movies from the 30s, 40s and 50s but I never watched the whole ‘ Meet me in St. Louis ‘ movie so this is the first time I’ve heard this version. It’s very good.


    ” (I have zero Christmas spirit…) ”

    It must suck to be you. As Spencer Tracy’s Henry Drummond said to Gene Kelly’s E.K. Hornbeck in the movie ‘ Inherit the Wind ‘ ; ” You poor slob! You’re all alone. When you go to your grave, there won’t be anybody to pull the grass up over your head. Nobody to mourn you. Nobody to give a damn. You’re all alone. “


  4. When I go to my grave there won’t be an ‘I’ to give a damn, and frankly I don’t give a damn.

    And I save a lot of money every Christmas and can spend it on myself if I want. How horrible, eh?

    As for ‘It must suck to be you,’ you’re making an unwarranted assumption, founded on zero evidence.

    Have a nice Christmas, Scott.


  5. Merry Christmas and to all a goodnight. Santa was good this year. Yes he is real.


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