Christmas in Kabul

I’m sure Santa managed to visit many of our troops in Afghanistan, but I fear there are others who are otherwise engaged. Because, after all, today is the 80th day of the tenth year of the war in Afghanistan.

8 responses to “Christmas in Kabul

  1. When you mentioned it is the tenth year of the war, I could not belive it, it seems like yesterday when all the madness started… It makes me feel so sad when realising there are actually people out there spending Christmas without their families in a foreign land allegedly fighting for their country. I wish them all Happy Christmas and I hope the peace would soon return to the land


  2. Merry Christmas, Moe.


    One of these days Obama will put an end to this war…not.


  3. I know a vet who’s home from Afghanistan on a two-week furlough this Christmas. He’s completed two tours in Iraq and is halfway through his Afghanistan tour. And his marriage is falling apart. He’s got the kids – ages 6 and 3 – this Christmas. I haven’t got a clue where his wife is spending Christmas – in Texas with her parents, I guess, while the soldier and the kids spend the holiday in Virginia with his parents. Still, I guess it’s better than Christmas in Kabul.

    This is a glimpse at the often hidden costs of eternal warfare. Is his military service the only reason his marriage is in shambles? Probably not. Is it a contributing factor? Definitely. This family will paying for this war, in its own way, for the rest of their lives.


  4. My neighbor’s Thanksgiving guests included a young woman and her new baby son. Her husband was killed in the war this year. What happens to these young widows living on military bases? Stay or move… either option is sad beyond contemplation.

    It breaks my heart that this war still goes on… and on…


  5. We went to Afghanistan to get Osama Bin Laden who is living happily somewhere in Pakistan probably . How long since any of us have seen his name in print?

    I remember so clearly 2002 when Bush pulled the Special Forces out of Tora Bora where Bin Laden was, to send them into Iraq to prepare for the invasion there. And we pretty much abandoned Afghanistan after that until it became a problem again in ’08.


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