Bits: Guns and Fox and meth and cross-dressing priests and CNN

Bit the first: Why do I turn on Fox News? Why?

Right now, they are covering:

  1.  rallies at strip malls all around the country for Gun Appreciation Day and
  2. threats on the life of the prez of NRA which, as reported by Fox, are  likely the fault of President Obama because he’s been mean and  demonizing the NRA. (Well, that’s obvious!)

Kind of nice how Gun Appreciation Day falls on the MLK Holiday weekend, isn’t it.

OhMyGodBit the second: in news from my old backyard, a cross-dressing Monsignor in Bridgeport CT  has been arrested for dealing crystal meth. He had been pastor at the Catholic Cathedral there before he resigned last summer.

Since his resignation, he has been receiving a stipend from the Diocese and they had intended to keep paying it until:

 . . .  reading in the Connecticut Post that Wallin, 61, is accused by federal authorities of making so much money from selling the drug that he purchased an adult sex shop in North Haven named The Land of Oz to launder the money, Wallace said the diocese may stop the payments.

May stop paying him. May.

Sources with knowledge of the case told the Connecticut Post that while pastor, Wallin was observed dressing as a woman and was visited in his residence by men dressed as women who performed sex acts with him in the cathedral’s rectory. The sources said an assortment of sex toys was found in Wallin’s residence.

I guess Mother Church can be allowed a sigh of relief on that particular. It, at least, was consensual.

And bit the third: CNN has been covering the Inauguration since early this morning from a cold outdoor location facing the Capital. Because you can’t grab a seat too early. Or because they think it’s the Superbowl maybe?

That’s kind of comforting actually.  Seeing CNN be CNN reminds me that some of the world’s silliness has survived the world’s madness.

9 responses to “Bits: Guns and Fox and meth and cross-dressing priests and CNN

  1. This is some juicy stuff here, Moe!
    And I left the – – -“church” (snark!) because some fat deacon told me he wasn’t going to put up with any of my “Liberal Nonsense” in “his” church.
    The article you posted here makes me wonder sometimes if I might not have been pretty lucky to have been insulted like this because God only knows what I might have been led into by the “Infallible” faith – – – Good to have someone point out imperfections from time to time.
    Thanks for the focus.


    • Hey John – I left after a long conversation with a Jesuit who assured me that Jesus loves even lowly women as long as we didn’t get uppity. I’d felt the anti-woman sentiment of hte Church before, but having it articulated to my face, well, thata was it.


  2. Poor Connecticut. I was worried it was my old Parish from when I was really little and lived in Bridgeport. Fortunately, it was not.


  3. Of course the threats against Americans who defend the 2nd Amendment are Obama’s fault because he, like all Dems, have consistently vilified gun owners and their protecting organizations. At least, the boy’s culpable as any public figure – say Hannity, Breitbart, Beck, or Rush – for threats or actions against Obama and his sort due to their dissent against him.

    Funny how Leftists roll there eyes when blame is placed at the feet their Magic Negro while screaming that American figures are to blame for “violent rhetoric.”


    • So the threats against Hannity et al are their own fault. Okay, got it.

      I think jonolan that you are in a very bad mood on inauguration day. I keep asking my conservative friens to point to any time before Sandy Hook that Obama did more than the requisite blah-blah-blah after Aurora etc.

      American figures? That means what? Who?


      • That’s not what I said and you know it, Moe. There’s some truth in it, but it’s not what I said.

        As for Obama and gun grabbing – No, before Sandy Hook he was worried about keeping his job. Of course he kept his proclivities under some measure of control.

        As for American figures and who they are – Just look at almost anyone dissenting against Obama and the Liberals who want to change the country into something unrecognizable; those are the American figures.


        • jonolan, it’s not someone or someones changing the country. The country is changing on its own and our politics and institutions are adapting ot the change. You don’t like it but trying to make it someone’s fault . . . that’s not what’s happening.


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