Security guard forgets gun in school bathroom


Hired to protect a Michigan school following the Sandy Hook shootings, the new security guard, a retired firearms instructor, walked out of the school bathroom leaving his gum behind:

Just days after calling its newly hired armed security guard “a tremendous asset to the safety of our students,” a Michigan school released a statement saying the retired firearms instructor had caused a “breach in security protocol” by leaving his handgun unattended in the school’s bathroom. […]

The school, which serves grades K through 8, insists that no students were in danger, and vowed to “continue to work on improving school security.”

But of course, we do want to arm our students, don’t we?

Security Officer Hired by School in Response to Sandy Hook Shooting Forgets to Take Handgun With Him When Exiting Student Restroom

18 responses to “Security guard forgets gun in school bathroom

  1. The mind reels!


  2. Now what could possibly have gone wrong with that scenario? You damn liberuls.


  3. Well, I think the appropriate reaction to Sandy Hook is to sympathize with the parents and their loss that I fear to even try to hard to imagine. Twenty years ago what would have been our first child was lost in a miscarriage. In my life I have been temporarily paralyzed, but losing a child to be looking back was the worst thing to have ever happened to me. Losing a child that you have a real relationship with has to be so much worse. (Don’t get me wrong in general I’ve been very blessed in life.)

    It is sad that this terrible tragedy has turned into yet another political football in these divided times. It’s being used for the purposes of both the left and right.

    As a practical matter, I don’t think in the end much of anything will come out of that tragedy that will prevent the next one. Any policy will be pretty weak at best. Even if it wasn’t I don’t think that it would make a dramatic difference. A gun prohibition would likely be worse than prohibition, especially as an intrusion into our private lives. Who knows how much violence would grow out an attempt to mandate a more peaceful world ultimately using THE FORCE OF ARMS.

    I also pray that we don’t get armed guards in schools or even much worse, ARMED teachers. We certainly don’t need more guns, but on practical grounds I don’t think gun prohibitions can work.

    Having agreed with the gun enthusiasts in the final analysis, things such as ‘gun appreciation day’ on the birthday of Martin Luther King, and following such a terrible use of weapons I find the more offensive. In the end the use of force and its tools are a necessary evil, but let’s not forget they’re evil.

    Can we just bury the dead; drop this as a political club; and sympathize with the parents. In this imperfect, often violent and often tragic life: I think that’s the best we’re going to get.


    • My sympathy for your loss, Bruce. My sense of the administration’s efforts is that they are not attempting to prohibit gun ownership but to mitigate its negative effects, in the same way seat belt laws haven’t ended highway deaths but have reduced their number. And as you say, whether the laws will make a dramatic difference remains to be seen–and the armed teacher thing is just nuts.


    • bruce – I don’t htink much can change either. But the things we CAN do, we SHOULD do – like universal background checks and limiting the size of magazines and banning the sale of armor piercing bullets.

      A few weeks ago, Jim Wheeler said on this subject:
      “Guns don’t kill people, they make it easier to kill a lot more people.”

      I think within that thought we can find what our next step should be.

      And to echo ojmo, sorry to hear about losing the babby. Happened in my family too and it hurt a lot.


  4. You might want to re read your post. Its seems the guard in question left his “gum” behind. I know that could be a very sticky situation. 😉


  5. the new security guard, a retired firearms instructor, walked out of the school bathroom leaving his gum behind

    I’ve landed pretty firmly on the right of individuals to own guns and with as few regulations as possible. However, I don’t support placing armed guards in our schools for exactly the same reason I don’t put guns in my home. I believe the data that suggests more guns equals more accidents.


    • Yeah agree, I suspect if this practice takes off in a significant way, sooner or later we’ll see a tragedy coming out of it.


    • Today at a local firing range, a young woman accidentally shot her fiance when she was startled by a stray bullet casing that hit her. Pino – I quite agree and dearly hope that this armed guard idea dies a deserved death. Mainly because NOTHING we do, no matter how many laws we pass can stop an Adam Lasky. But we can put some sensible limits in place.


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