The thing that wouldn’t die


222px-Paul_RyanPaul Ryan is at it again; he’s agreed to cosponsor the Sanctity of Human Life Act yet one more time. The bill asserts that life begins with fertilization, and permits states to ban abortion outright, even in the case of rape, incest, or danger to the life of the mother.

And besides outlawing many forms of in vitro fertilization, the bill goes on: if a woman is raped in an abortion-banning state, then goes to an abortion-permitting state intending to have an abortion, her rapist can sue to stop the abortion, and win.

The prior version of this way-over-the-top bill died in Congress, and it’s expected this one will too. But Ryan’s ongoing attempt to repeal women’s reproductive rights exemplifies conservative entitlement; politicians like Ryan, along with conservative employers and landlords, sanctimoniously believe their morality outweighs the rights of those they govern and control.

10 responses to “The thing that wouldn’t die

  1. Well Orhan, there is another beleif system at work besides Ryan’s own version of ‘morality’ – the necessity to slap down uppity women. The Bible said submit and dammit . . .


  2. Moe is right. The similarities between the Taliban’s attitudes toward women and those of Mr. Ryan’s ilk are remarkable! What’s next, banning girls from schooling? Hmm. Could be.

    I hope this embed works – I haven’t had much luck lately:


  3. Or, maybe this way:


  4. Can the state then put the rapist in jail and castrate him and force him to support the child and mother forever.


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