The guns, the doctors and the utter nonsense being repeated as fact

Snuggling with #4

Snuggling with #4

As penance for some less than cordial behavior I exhibited over the weekend toward someone who was in the particular instance totally blameless, but had nevertheless been asking for it for a long time . . . as penance, this morning I exposed myself without any protection to a full five minutes of poisonous rant from the morbidly obese, four times married, indicted drug user, college dropout and all around moralist Mr. Rush Limbaugh, that arbiter of all things right and proper.

He had his size XXXXLLLL underwear in a knot – doctors! are! again! required! to! go! after! the! guns!  They must tell Obama. And name names. The ‘authorities’ said so. (the whole silly transcript is here under the headline “Regime deputizes gun-snitch doctors”).

Bet you didn’t know that long, long ago, doctors were required to inquire of their patients about whether there are firearms in the home. And to report. To the authorities. Whoever they are.

Who knew? Not me. Never heard of it. But there it was, hidden from us all until  Obamacare, which has now been revealed to be just a ploy to get our guns. Or something.

(Recently, some brave governors have gotten laws passed to put a stop to this outrage! The courts are slapping down the governors right and left but what else can we expect – they are, after all ‘in on it’.)

Writing about this stuff doesn’t capture the depth of the looney. But I must continue my penance to its logical conclusion and take words of Rush, from the mouth itself, and show them to be nothing but his brand of million-bucks-a-minute tonic for the rubes.

Sayeth the chubby one (after some cautiously phrased qualifiers):

So now doctors are being ordered  . . . to get information from them about gun ownership . . .   Doctors are now, quote, unquote, “permitted,” unquote, to do this. It makes ’em deputies, agents of the state. Look at the position this puts the doctors in  [if they don’t report].  The doctors are now under the thumb of Obamacare.  They had better comply.

And Rush gives us some history:

What’s happening here is this. For the longest time doctors have been required to ask parents and kids about this. I remember when this started, doctors were instructed to ask kids to rat out their parents on guns they had. That’s some years ago.

Total nonsense. The American Association of Pediatrics, as a policy (not a requirement) urges its practitioners to counsel parents of young children about the dangers of firearms in the home. There is no reporting requirement. The government is not involved in any way. The AAP guidelines are here.

On to where the ACLU is per FatBoy:

 Don’t ask me where the ACLU is.  I mean, anything to get rid of guns, the ACLU’s right there. Leftists are leftists, and that comes first with them.

Where the ACLU actually is, per their own website:

For seven decades, the Supreme Court’s 1939 decision in United States v. Miller was widely understood to have endorsed that view [guns are about militia, not about an individual right].

The Supreme Court has now ruled otherwise. In striking down Washington D.C.’s handgun ban by a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court’s 2008 decision in D.C. v. Heller held for the first time that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to keep and bear arms, whether or not associated with a state militia.

The ACLU disagrees . . . . We do not, however, take a position on gun control itself. In our view, neither the possession of guns nor the regulation of guns raises a civil liberties issue.

This doctor/guns/government nonsense has been circulating via mass emails from the fringe for some time now. (A related history here from Snopes.) I first heard of it a few weeks ago when a family member informed me that this has been going on and that doctors have been helping the guvmint build a database so they can – let’s say it together – get! the! guns!

Meh but I’m tired of this.

17 responses to “The guns, the doctors and the utter nonsense being repeated as fact

  1. The day the obese one gets it right, then that will be the day hell freezes over…


  2. I remember speaking to my conservative Mormon friend before the election and asking why she was so against Obama. She answered quite forcefully, “He’s trying to take away our Second Amendment rights!” I thought she must know something I didn’t; but I guess it was just more Republican Bubble stuff like this.

    And BTW, that is one creepy picture…


    • So let us ask our conservative friend what is the one thing Obama failed to mention in the five years before Sandy Hook? Guns, that’s what. Never talked about guns other than the perfunctory and required blah-blahs after Aurora and Gabby Gifford etc.


      • That’s why I was gobsmacked; at the time he’d barely uttered a peep about guns. We haven’t talked politics since, and I’m afraid to ask because she just might come back with that conservative meme floating around now, that the Democrats orchestrated Sandy Hook.


    • “And BTW, that is one creepy picture…”

      Agreed! And I’m all out of brain bleach too! Moe, why are you doing this to us?


  3. Who’s the lucky lady in the pic? *shudder*
    Rush apparently also mocked the little kids who were at the President’s executive order signing today. Some lovely “Mr. President, I don’t wanna dieeee” joke, I heard. So if you want punish yourself further, keep listening….


  4. I was surprised to read this morning that the 2nd ammendment was added to provide a way to put down slave rebellions. See link: Who knew?


  5. OMG, can any female imagine getting into bed with that body. Creepy doesn’t begin to describe.


  6. Admittedly Rush isn’t the only fat boy in America, especially of late. I do think that’s a creepy picture though.


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