The Yanks are comin’, the Yanks are comin’, the drums are drumming everywhere!

John McCain is now listing the wars he wishes we’d had. And he’s doing it without Mr. Lieberman and Miss Graham at his side.

Georgia. Iran. Syria. At least.

9 responses to “The Yanks are comin’, the Yanks are comin’, the drums are drumming everywhere!

  1. Imagine what will happen if Romney wins. Wars for everyone!


  2. McCain is a big believer in “humanitarian” war. It’s one of his failings.

    IMHO wars should only be fought for national interests, not for the purpose of helping others – because, except in the rarest of situations, war is an expensive way of failing to improve things.


    • And the best historic example is Vietnam. But Afghanistan is going ot leave it in the dust. One was considered a nat’l interest war and the other a bit of revenge, which was understandable if misguided. The tragedy – for us – in AFghanistan is that we didn’t get out in the first year after whalloping the Taliban and watching OSM escape in Pakistan. At that point, there was no reason to stay and the national blood lust would have been satisfied. But now I wouldn’t be surprised if we are there (“not as combatants” of course) for 50 years.


      • Vietnam was a more complex thing. One, there was the Communism thing. Two, we had treaties with France to aid them in protecting their remaining colonies. Three, the was the national interest of oil reserves off the coast of Vietnam.

        Obviously, I won’t comment on an ongoing war.


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