Actually, I don’t think he has any eyelids

Mitch McConnell: worst. speaker. ever.

13 responses to “Actually, I don’t think he has any eyelids

  1. I’ve always thought that he looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy. look at the way his mouth works — he can’t be human. He’s Charlie McCarthy (well with a bit of Eugene mixed in)


  2. I listened ten minutes and heard nothing. Like the sound of a vacuum cleaner.


  3. He always reminded me of “Howdy Doody.”


  4. Maybe one of the worst human speakers, but one of the best turtle speakers. Franklin is obviously better, and the teenage mutant ninja turtles, but after that…he could be in contention.


  5. Actually I think ole Mitch seems more like a Mock Turtle.


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  7. Hmm. Maybe Mitch McConnell is not the Mock Turtle after all. Is it just me or does this look familiar?


    • Ahhh,, that fellow looks far to kind to resemble Mitch. (thanks for the trackback)

      I look at McConnell and Reid and dream of the days when genuine robust characters inhabited the Senate. So many colorful ones, full of bombast and drama! Loved that. Lyndon Johnson. Everett Dirksen. Even old Barry ‘let’s just drop the old bomb’ Goldwater. You know, people with actual personalities.


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