The script is getting soooo old

Everyone with a microphone knows what Mitt Romney ‘needs to do’ with his speech tonight. They are agreed, they are certain. He must show his human side. He must ‘tell his story’.

I think they are wrong. We already know who he is, and it is not the guy you’d like to have a beer with. He’s a technocrat, a strategizer, an analyst and he’s been very very successful where those qualities have mattered.

He shouldn’t hide from it. He should acknowledge – publicly – who he isn’t. It would be refreshing in a Christie kind of way.

But whichever way he goes, he’ll still be a weak candidate unless he actually presents a vision that goes beyond the bumper sticker talking points.

Don’t misconstrue this as a case for Romney. I won’t be voting for him, not least because that would put you-know-who a heartbeat away. Obama is my choice.

5 responses to “The script is getting soooo old

  1. Ms.Holland ,

    I agree with you . Romney should not try to make himself more human or more likeable . He is being lead around by consultants .

    I am noting how you guys are savaging him . Imagine how much more you would have had to work with, if any other Republican had won the nomination . The GOP could put up George Washington against Barak Obama and he would be the worst person who ever lived . Actually since Washington was both rich and a slave owner, come to think of it there is nobody they could run . I guess Romney’s real crime is that he could win. That’s really why you guys forgave McCain, he had the decency to lose to Obama . But you never forgave my girl Sarah when she lost , just can’t comprehend that .


    • I’m trying to find where I ‘savaged’ Romney. No luck

      Sarah was ‘your girl’? You really think she was ready for prime time? Every competent government in the world was looking at her in complete shock. I used to resspect John McCain deeply. But he was incredibly careless with the fortunes of this nation when he put on the ticket someone so ill equipped.

      Her, I have savaged. I think she’s a grifter and now so is her whole family.


  2. Ms. Holland ,

    But lets us get onto some serious war on women . You and the Democrats are deafening silent on the big scandal in New York politics . I am speaking of Vito Lopez . Such a shame the guy was not a Republican . Todd Akin merely misspoke about ” legitimate rape ” and look how much mileage your friends got from that . Akin’s flap was not settled with a secret $ 100,000 payment .

    To get back to John McCain, you are right partially . He was incredibly careless about the fortunes of America when he allowed 2 guys so ill equipped to win one term . Romney will not be as careless . As far as Sarah, I will put up her record as Governor against your ” men ” any time

    . Every competent government, like every competent expert, or most people agree . If every competent government jumped off a building, no ? If every competent Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded President Obama a prize for what he might do, does that mean Crackerjack should give him a prize too ?


    • Who is Vito Lopez?

      Also, there are a number of women I dislike deeply. So I guess you’re right, that absolutely means I am part of a ‘war on women’.


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