I don’t think Canada will want you, guys. You might try Somalia. Or Yemen.

Reminds me of when one of my brothers proclaimed he was moving to Ireland during Clinton Administration to escape the  awful tax burden here and all teh socialism. But then he found out, you know . . .

Now this – lots and lots of this. Bye-bye.


21 responses to “I don’t think Canada will want you, guys. You might try Somalia. Or Yemen.

  1. Yes, they are moving to Canada where EVERYBODY HAS HEALTHCARE. What ill-informed ninnies.


  2. The typically Myth-Informed vicfims of brain devoid Right Wing-Ism who flee to Canada to escape Obama Care will discover Obama Care’s Mirror Twin, National Health Care – – – and it is cold up there and bears bite. What a bunch of junk-food-educated idiots!


    • I’ll be they also beleive that junk food is their constitutional RIGHT and any attempt to wake the US up to the danger is an infringement on thier LIBERTY!!


  3. Hey Moe,

    Where did you find these idiots?

    Moving to Canada because they don’t agree with Obama and the SCOTUS? The U.S. is too socialist? Give me a break!

    Canada’s universal single-payer health care system covers about 70% of expenditures, and the Canada Health Act requires that all insured persons be fully insured, without co-payments or user fees, for all medically necessary hospital and physician care. About 91% of hospital expenditures and 99% of total physician services are financed by the public sector.

    And, they want to leave the U.S. for Canada – why?

    What I find particularly amusing is that Canada really doesn’t want our refuse crossing the border – if they plan to stay.

    I don’t know how true it is but I heard a rumor that Canada was planning on erecting a huge fence on the Canadian border with the U.S. to keep these boobs out.


  4. Just so you know I had to tweet this, great post! These people scare me I. That they actually know so little about the truth but have a opinion!


  5. Let’m MOVE….It’ll serve them right


  6. Haha, so I was not the only one who had to deal with this after the Clinton election! I remember the kids in my Idaho high school who threatened to move to Canada…um, guys?

    And is it true that Rush was saying he would be moving to Costa Rica? My boyfriend and I were hoping to visit Costa Rica one day, so we would prefer it if El Rushbo didn’t ruin it with his presence….


  7. OMG … this goes to show there are many who truly are clueless. Thanks for the grins.


    • Plus,, Frank, I assume they’re just fine with their tax dollars paying now for ER medical care. But making people pony up and be responsible is somehow not American?


  8. Too funny, I guess all of a sudden our igloo’s seem quaint. 😉


  9. To be fair, Canada’s soshulist health care system wasn’t put in place by one of those people, if you know what I mean. And I think that you do…


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