Exactly: “The Roberts Court is born”

And this is why I always thought the Chief Justice would find a way to uphold Obamacare.

 Had Obamacare been voided, it would have inevitably led to charges of aggressive judicial activism.  Roberts peered over the abyss and decided he didn’t want to go there.

Roberts’ decision was consistent with his confirmation hearings pledge to respect the co-equal branches of government, push for consensus, and reach narrow rulings designed to build broad coalitions on the Court. He promised to respect precedent. His jurisprudence, he said, would be marked by “modesty and humility” and protection of the precious institutional legitimacy of the Court.

Today, the institutional legitimacy of the Court was buttressed. President Obama wasn’t the only winner at the Supreme Court today. So was the Supreme Court itself.

So this case was the one where he finally decided to adhere to those oft stated principles, which he’s previously ignored. But he has also expressed the hope that he could loosen the partisan divide on the Court, reduce the number of 5-4  votes, and has said he would like more unanimous decisions.

8 responses to “Exactly: “The Roberts Court is born”

  1. Will we ever know how much tax payer money was wasted by Florida pursuing this case?


    • Of course not. That was doing the LORD’S work, see? So no money is ever ‘wasted’ protecting our LIBERTIES!! in the name of the LORD!!!


  2. The way the passing of Obamacare went this morning was odd. Right off the bat we were told the mandate was rejected, as it should have been under commerce laws. Then we get told that the supreme court looked at this as a tax law, and because of that, the mandate passes.

    With Obama saying repeatedly that this will not be a tax increase, and was not a tax bill, suddenly “Read my lips: No new taxes” has a rival. Any republican candidate except Romney would have been given political bombshells the hurl for the next few months, but because Obamacare is deeply rooted in the Massachusetts plan, and it too had a tax penalty for those not insured, Romney will sound like a nut-wrenching tool if he goes this route.


    • Bryan,, don’t those cable stations look stupid! Got it wrong claiming the bill was rejected because they only read the first page. And they call themselves journalists! It was a good five minutes beffore htey corrected themselves – all they had to do was read to page four but jeez . . .

      ACtually, when the Solictor Gen argued for the administration during oral arguments, he did present the tax argument too and that’s where Roberts found his way out.


  3. Ms. Holland ,

    Why is it that it is always Justices nominated by Republicans who betray their side ? Your Liberal Judges do not ever stab you guys in the back . I am so jealous .


  4. I concur that you have been hoping for Roberts ever since the hearing. Well done!


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