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I don’t think Canada will want you, guys. You might try Somalia. Or Yemen.

Reminds me of when one of my brothers proclaimed he was moving to Ireland during Clinton Administration to escape the  awful tax burden here and all teh socialism. But then he found out, you know . . .

Now this – lots and lots of this. Bye-bye.


Oh! Canada!

Well. Happy Birthday there.

What the hell are we waiting for?

Here in this nation, we keep insisting that we do everything better than everyone else because we’re the USA. And this in spite of the facts – an economy that nearly collapsed, infrastructure that’s beyond the point of affordable repair, wars fought on borrowed money and off-budget, unwillingness to go for the most cost efficient health care to protect profit, educational decline, unaffordable universities. We keep being the Ferengi.

Today Paul Krugman takes a look at why Canada came through the banking crisis with very few scars (if any). Of course, that’s only one area in which we refuse to notice if anyone else has invented the very wheels we need.