Reasons must be found, must be found!

Matt Drudge provides a glimpse of a  possible script. Because excuses must be made, excuses must be made!!

14 responses to “Reasons must be found, must be found!

  1. Reality has a liberal bias.


  2. I guess that explains Citizens v. United too.


  3. The Supreme Court is not supposed to care about public opinion. It is not supposed to care about whether it’s decisions enhance it’s reputation . It is supposed to use the Constitution to protect the citizens from the insanity of one political faction getting a temperary majority and passing laws that trample the citizens rights .


    • Huh? It’s a co-equal branch of government and has historicaly and often acted politically. That is, with a small ‘p’. There are lots of theories out there on Roberts opinion . . .but whatever the opinion, as to laws passed by legislatures, what the Court says is the last word until that congress passes a new law. Then the Court’s opinion is mute, unless the new law goes back to them yet again.


  4. The guy did the RIGHT THING……



  5. Ms. Holland ,

    I have to give you credit . You are the only one I know who predicted what Roberts would do . Even Kennedy who everyone thought would be the traitor, even he thought this was too much power .

    The founding fathers knew that from time to time the country would go nuts because of some crisis, such as the financial meltdown in 07-09 . Some radical faction would temporarily have power and trample the rights of those out of favor . The Constitution is a document to protect you from the Federal Government . This time the Supreme Court failed to protect us from our tyrants by legal trickery .

    Some day you will need that court and that Constitution to protect you from a Federal Government controlled by people you dislike . Hopefully someone like Roberts won’t come up with some BS reinterpretation of the English language to justify letting somebody win because it was their turn to win .


    • Traitor? Really? I’m not young – courts go one way, courts go another way. Sometimes we like it, sometimes we don’t. But traitor?

      I’d say, Alan, that you’re the one disrespecting the constitution is you consider the Chief Justice of the United States to be a traitor because of a decision he wrote.


  6. Ok….
    I think I’m coming up here as Anon….
    Probably something to do with cookies that routinely erase…..
    Roberts it appears CHANGED HIS MIND on his call on the Healthcare ruling……


    • Is that you dog???? Some say he did, some say he didn’t. Whichever it was, I think he did us all a service. Before he was confirmed, he was very clear that he was deeply concerned about all the partisan 5-4 rulings. So, good for him.


  7. Ms. Holland ,

    A traitor to strict Constitutionality . Like the 4 Liberal Justices were not traitors to the Constitutional expansionism ideology that they were specifically put on the Court to promote . I hope that clarification suits you .


    • No, it doesn’t. You seem to think you’ve a better grasp of Constitutionality than nine stunning minds put on the Court by five presidents and confirmed by as many Senates.

      Okay, enjoy your certainty of your own brilliance. I’ll go with the system working as it was designed.


  8. Ms. Holland,

    You can be impressed all you want by these stunning minds, I am not . Were you as equally impressed when these stunning minds ruled in citizens united v. federal election commission that Corporations were people ?

    You seem easily impressed by all Presidents and Senates . They are not all created equal . Some of our Emperors have no clothes .


    • Okay, that’s clear then. You have no respect for the Court. So be it. I was depressed and stunned by Cit United. By the way, that corps are people decision is a hundred years old. The Cit United added to that by saying money is speech.

      I disagree with both. And many SCOTUS decisions. And I agree and am proud of many others. But I never, ever, ever think of them as ‘traitors’. I think that’s just lazy and cheap.


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