Such a joker

Any comedian knows that the more they repeat the very same ‘joke’ to the same audience, over and over, the funnier it gets.  (from Think Progress)

12 responses to “Such a joker

  1. Oh he is so vile. And I thought that before he started calling women sluts. I am prescient, you see. I knew he was a sexis ass long ago.


  2. You should link this video to Pino’s and Jono’s enlightened commentary in the “A light amusement for we persons with lady-parts”. They might get more of a clue…hmm..or have theirs reinforced. Tough call.

    It must get awfully tiresome having dudes telling you what options are reasonable when it comes to what goes on in your body.


    • Arb, I see Pino an Jonolan as my personal long-term projects. I’m patient!

      Did you know that the US ranks 78th in the world (actually we’re tied iwth Turkmenistan) for percentage of women in congress/parliament? It is far for over for us . .. and this while this country puzzles over contraception,


      • Arb, I see Pino an Jonolan as my personal long-term projects. I’m patient!

        You have more patience than I Moe, I have little time for some of the glibertarian musing coming from those quarters, but more power to you.

        Did you know that the US ranks 78th in the world
        I knew the number was unauspicious, and Canada is not that much better. (We’re 40ish, as per 2011 data).

        The ‘controversy’ over conception is yet another hobby horse of the right. Make a big traditionalist stink about social issues to get publicity while sliding a economically damaging (for the 99%) economic program through. The problem this time is history. We did economics ‘their way’ and ruined a great deal of the economic health (not to mention the lives of its citizens) of the country. I do not think there is a big enough red herring to cover their abysmal failure at running the country to distract the electorate with.

        The “I’m not paying for someone else’s birth control” is so incredibly short sighted and comes from such a privileged notion of how people live. The economics definitely come down on the side of the contraception as hospital stays,pre/post maternal care, adoption, schools, orphanages are all *much* more expensive in terms of cost to society.


        • Arb – of course by all logic, more and cheaper access to birth control is in our interest, financially, socially, in every way. But there’s a strong meme that’s taken hold saying that making a church full of pedophiles pay for sensible health care policies is the problem. The Catholic heirarchy truly despises women. But they have millions convinced that they’re on the right side. Elvis help us girl, Elvis help us.


  3. The more we talk about him, the more his advertisers appreciate it. It’s time to start ignoring this pompous ass.


  4. ‘It’s time to start ignoring this pompous ass.’

    Agreed. I think playing up his behavior at least keeps him in the public eye more than he otherwise would be, and may generate sympathy for him.

    I’m sure most of his listeners already see Rush as the ‘victim’; even while they are often contemptuous of many others they see playing a victimhood card.


    • Right bruce – his listeners will always see him as the victim. Because they see themselves as victims of all those uppity women and elites.


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