Tokyo Rush*?

There’s yet another petition moving across the interwebs, this one demanding that Rush be removed from Armed Forces Radio. Lots of people – liberals included – see that as a First Amendment infringement.

But Duane, a very smart guy, has it exactly right I think. He derides Sen. Carl Levin, chair of the Armed Services Committee who said:

I think that is probably an issue best left to the folks that run that network.  In other words, I’d love to see them drop it but I don’t think I’d legislate it.

Duane adds:

Oh, yeah? You mean it is okay that our men and women in uniform hear a blowhard know-nothing tell them that their Commander-in-Chief hates America and wants to destroy it? 

Say no more.

* WWII Japanese radio propagandist, Tokyo Rose (actually more than one woman took the mic as ‘Rose’), whose mission was to undermine the morale of the US troops. The US Military tried repeatedly to shut down her signal but never managed to keep it off the air completely.

4 responses to “Tokyo Rush*?

  1. I think that there is a difference — Armed Forces Radio is paid for by tax dollars. I don’t want to fund Rush.


    • You’re right Elyse – hadn’t thought of that. Another excellent reason.

      Still, you know the usual suspects would then loudly attack the other stuff on AFR. (they don’t like the old ‘Fairness Doctrine’ until they want to yell ‘not fair!!!’)


  2. I think beating on Rush a lot more will start to generate sympathy for him. Give him time and see if does something new that’s equally obnoxious. There’s a good chance he will. I think that the Fluke thing shouldn’t be beaten to death, odious as it was.


    • And there’s so much more rich material from Rush than just the Fluke thing. Remember all the racist stuff – like Donovan McNabb?

      Anyway, I’d always rather go after him on his preposterous moralizing coming from a four times married, morbidly obese (no will power Rush?) college drop out (you’ve told us what that says about other peoople). I’d rather go after him for what he actually is – a misogynistic racist hypocrite.


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