Blog here, elsewhere is me

Understand this, Yoda would. Lately my blog posts have been either derivative or stuff I’ve posted because I think I should post. My heart is perhaps tired. I’ve even just re-blogged for the first time (new WordPress feature that is very very easy and very very tempting).

I’m  not going  to go dark here or get all unbloggy . . . but nor am I going to just toss stuff up. I must set out to find my mojo. It may have been used up for now by the astonishing tone of the GOP race and the more astonishing and bold steps by Republicans to reign in we ‘uppity’ women.

Find it, I will. Lost, it is not. Hiding, it is.

9 responses to “Blog here, elsewhere is me

  1. Best wishes on your journey to rediscover your inner blogger. I still like the stuff you post.


  2. My cats know how to find solice under furniture and skirted tables, in empty boxes and in unused rooms. Kitties know when they need to chill. . .people should too.


  3. I’m sure you’ll be back in top form before long. In the meantime, take it easy. Too bad it’s too cold to swim. And who is this Yoda of whom you speak?


  4. Maybe seek out a misogynist Republican and kick him in the nuts. I bet that would perk up your mojo.


  5. Walk away from the laptop, wander in the company of others and…then get really pissed off and rant again! Works for me anyway. Looking forward to you coming back all refreshed and funny 🙂


  6. Totally understand how you’re feeling. I’ve had to stop myself from making the gazillionth post about contraceptives…been having that problem not just here but on Facebook as well. We’ll be here no matter how often you post 😉


  7. Breaks are good, but doing what is best for you is most important. Thanks for what you have done and I look forward to your return.


  8. Yep, I feel your pain.

    Don’t stop expressing your outrage though. There is so much at stake here!

    I do, however, like Jon’s suggestion in the meantime. So many choices!


  9. Don’t let the bastards (or too much time at the keyboard) get you down, Mo!


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