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Fierce busy and yeah, unbloggy

But back soon . . .


Stop me before I volunteer again!!

I’m here. Honest. To prove it, here’s an oldie.


I think I’m on vacation

A blog-cation if you will.

(See? I just used a stupid made up word and made matters worse by attaching “if you will” –  a time-out is called for.)

I have to detox and it’s Wayne LaPierre’s fault

RockArtTeh stupid out there is wearing me down right now. The lure of this machine in my lap is in hiding or so faint I can’t even hear it.

Not surfing. Not bookmarking. Not posting (maybe some easy stuff). I will avert my eyes and hope for a refresh – I will define success as expelling (or at least containing) knee-jerk, reactive outrage that these days rises too quickly, too often and causes me to make rude noises.

BUT BUT BUT . . . in lighter news: Whatever Works will soon be handing out spare keys to two friends who’ve shown some interest in co-blogging.

They’re both male. They’re both actors. One is 18 and a bit bent and quite liberal. The other is 40, very bent, and very very conservative. Both are fun. And smart. And I like them a lot. And if we pull this off, I hope you do too.

(Hellooooo, Orhan . . . your key still works, if you want to, ya’ know . . . )

Hiatus? Hiatus over? Mid-hiatus? Even I don’t know (I’m going with hiatus almost over)

It is my habit at breakfast to keep a pen and notepad at hand along with a small pair of scissors. While I read my paper and sip coffee, glorious coffee, I jot down thoughts to perhaps follow up on later, and often – too often – clip articles with interesting passages highlighted. (I tried that underlining thing – did you know that ball pens often cut through newsprint?) And thus do I seed posts for Whatever Works.

After the ritual, I drop  the morning harvest into a wire basket in the office. If the basket starts to fill up, I do some aggressive weeding, which isn’t hard since much of this is far less interesting at second look.

Right now the basket is full. It is overflowing. It is intimidating.  It has become the enemy. It mocks me mercilessly. And it impedes blogging.

I’ve learned that some things can be left unexamined without doing any harm. So it shall be and so shall I be unbloggy until I face down that nasty basket and strip it of its power. The wastebasket and I shall overcome. Soon.

Meanwhile, it’s summer, the pool and grill beckon, the days are blessedly slow and quiet time is here for the taking, not stolen as in other seasons.

This may be over tomorrow – hell, it could even be later today. So this post shall serve either as explanation for why no blogging, or a return . But that’s summer:  non-committal, and that’s okay.

Not the oldie yet

So unbloggy this week. This one always re-animates me. (Plus I feel simply compelled to post it. Again.)

Unbloggiest ever

Six posts in the last six days – sparse (and one was a Friday oldie, published with a single click so it hardly counts). Very very sparse.

I conclude therefore that I am very very unbloggy.

(In other news, it’s reported that a member of the British House of Lords thinks Bush and Obama are bad guys and has offered a bounty of ten million pounds to get the two. Can it be worse? Yeah, he announced it during a visit to Pakistan. I must say that was quite bold of His Lordship.)

Blog here, elsewhere is me

Understand this, Yoda would. Lately my blog posts have been either derivative or stuff I’ve posted because I think I should post. My heart is perhaps tired. I’ve even just re-blogged for the first time (new WordPress feature that is very very easy and very very tempting).

I’m  not going  to go dark here or get all unbloggy . . . but nor am I going to just toss stuff up. I must set out to find my mojo. It may have been used up for now by the astonishing tone of the GOP race and the more astonishing and bold steps by Republicans to reign in we ‘uppity’ women.

Find it, I will. Lost, it is not. Hiding, it is.


Till tonight? Till tomorrow?

There is work on my desk whispering in my ear and making veiled threats. So . . .

Blog blog gone away; come back another day

Unbloggiasmic. Later.

Information overload

Too much happening; my brain just broke. Perhaps I need to see some movies.

So . . . unbloggy.


Tried to catch up on comments this morning but I didn’t get very far. I’ve also got half a dozen post drafts that just need some polishing but their call is weak.

So. Unbloggy. Back at’cha soon.

I’m going to my quiet place.

Unbloggy . . .

Not me

. . . until I’m not.

It’s Monday.

And I have nothing to say.

Moe mo’ unbloggy

Once again I am facing double deadlines in my ‘volunteer’ jobs, so blogging is light. Retired persons ought to have gained the skills to avoid such situations. I apparently didn’t. Or I forgot.

My blog-self is playing hide-and-seek

Sigh . . .

Sometimes the brain breaks. It will not allow focus for longer than ten minutes; gets the dishes done but wreaks hell with reading and paperwork.

Such is the state at present of that gray blob in my cranium. I am in the unbloggiest place I’ve been since launching this place. I suspect Tucson and the resulting navel-gazing is implicated.

Lackluster – an old word I haven’t heard in a bit, but relevant to this endeavor at present. I’m around. I’ll be posting. I will not feel inspiration or urgency – until I do. Not too long probably. The beat does go on.

Clearing brain-fog and neglecting da’ blog

Tomorrow is a new year. I am not setting myself up for guilt with resolutions I’ll not keep; instead, today I am trying to clear out old business – unanswered letters, unpaid bills, the smaller unfinished things on the eternal to-do list. If I succeed, will it bode well for the New Year or will I just make a bigger to-do list? And does it matter?

A few things to be strive for (these are goals, not resolutions) in 2011:

  • Lose weight. (Natch. I’m a woman. That’s what we do.)
  • Be a better blogger – learn more about categories, tags and driving traffic.
  • Use my time more efficiently and to better effect and, as part of that, organize my reading (this is an old one)

A pretty thin list – no great expectations for Moe. Less disappointment that way.

I’ve been the most unbloggy ever these last weeks. That will change after this weekend.

Blogging vacation

I am apparently on a blogging vacation. Didn’t plan time off, but the combination of  Christmas and teh dreaded unbloggy conspire, so I may as well enjoy it.

My shopping is done, the presents are wrapped (a lifetime first!); I just made a trifle for our Christmas Eve at my sister’s house. There’s not much prep left to do. So I shall curl up and do nothing.

Meanwhile . . . can’t let today go by without this one. (Starbucks commercial first, sorry.)

Busy, not unbloggy

Blogging will continue to be light for a while. The convergence of too many things demanding my attention  has made life busier than I really like it to be. I’m always working on the project of simplifying the world around me and how I move in it. In fact, over the last few years I’ve done pretty well with that. I try to keep my outside volunteer work  simple too – doing only those things that I know I can handle with ease and not come to resent.

I look forward to getting things back to where I like them and I’m itching to get back to more reading, more watching and more posting. 

Just sayin’.

Unbloggiest evah!

Unbloggy happens. Attention turns elsewhere. Holiday mind set continues past holiday. Plus, I have a good book.