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Something up with WordPress?

WordPress bloggers: my comment notifications are acting weird today. Anyone else??

Blog here, elsewhere is me

Understand this, Yoda would. Lately my blog posts have been either derivative or stuff I’ve posted because I think I should post. My heart is perhaps tired. I’ve even just re-blogged for the first time (new WordPress feature that is very very easy and very very tempting).

I’m  not going  to go dark here or get all unbloggy . . . but nor am I going to just toss stuff up. I must set out to find my mojo. It may have been used up for now by the astonishing tone of the GOP race and the more astonishing and bold steps by Republicans to reign in we ‘uppity’ women.

Find it, I will. Lost, it is not. Hiding, it is.

For non-bloggers: A look behind the curtain

Lessons in spam: How [not] to Sound Like A Person:

I had been questioning occasion you ever considered altering customized for specific cultures of the website? Its really correctly created; I adore what youve obtained to say. But possibly it is possible to small a lot more when it comes to content so males could interact with it greater. Youve obtained a terrible total lots of text for only finding a single or two images. Maybe you’ll manage to area it out greater?

We all get robo-spam, those announcements of the latest ‘enhancement’ drugs or miracle weight loss systems. For every one that gets through, 100 others are probably kept out of your inbox by a blocker.

Same with blogs – Aksimet on WordPress does a fine job for
Whatever Works. (It’s blocked almost 14,000 spam comments from making it through, but does hold them for review, just in case.)

Robo spammers (see above) have been working at creating auto generated and specific ‘comments’ based on the content of a post. Sometimes they’re even successful, but not often. Sheer awfulness still reigns supreme. It’s a Beta world so far.

But that could change. I notice lately that the language is a bit sharper, the comment itself more relevant, almost believable.

The goal for now is commercial, to encourage a blogger to click through. Which means of course that the goal is to deceive.

I do wonder about future implications for us all when deception is run by software, is automated, targeted and widespread.

Shares a name

I was just at Whatever Works – yup, there is a blog sharing my name at Blogger. I got there while googling to see if either whateverworks.com or whateverworksblog.com was available. They weren’t. (The first is a pest control company!)

I tried to leave a comment for the proprietor but failed. This has happened before with Blogger; it seems to resist comments – from me anyway.  Can’t sign in via WordPress (refuses my URL). Can’t sign in via my Google account either.

So I shall link to the blog here. And hope she stops by so we can get acquainted.

Did WordPress change commenting protocol?

I commented this morning on a post by Orhan and find things are set up differently. Anyone else notice this?


Comment spam anyone?

I’ve got a mailbox full of comments on a single post – all one sentence, all look legitimate. But they’re spam. Started last night – I also had dozens in my spam filter at wordpress which I deleted, but these made it through – and they’re still coming.

Anyone else experiencing this?

UPDATE: Via Emma and Auntbethany, I find that I’m on WordPress’ Front Page today. Or this hour. Or these ten minutes. It’s definitely cool though a fleeting honor. That probably explains the onslaught of comments, so perhaps it’s temporary. But then, it appears a dozen or so have subscribed here. If it doesn’t slow down I’ll have to contact my blog host. Tootin’ my own horn here; someone’s got to do it.

UPDATE 2: Dear Elvis! There are 142 comments waiting in my spam filter at this moment. I’m headed off shortly – I almost dread what I’ll return to. Have a feeling I’ll definitely be contacting WordPress today.

WordPress builds in a flaw

Bloggers like readers. Especially, bloggers like commenters. And sometimes, depending on a bloggers’ mood, bloggers love to check their site stats.

When one subscribes – as I do – to other blogs, an email shows up every time they post. Which is cool – I may not go over every time, but if  it piques my interest, I would visit the blog itself so I could read the entire post. Until recently that is. WordPress has begun showing the entire post in the email saving me the trouble of that visit.

And that blog’s ‘hit’ numbers go down because the reader had no need to click thru to the post from the email.

I frankly wish WordPress would disable this feature. It’s hurting my feelings.

My Master speaks

Here in my world of blogging, I have an Overlord – the ‘WordPress’, to whom I must bow. And yesterday, needing some amusement, my lord and master ‘retired’ the visual theme I’ve been using for a year. They replaced it with something similar. Something NEW!!!

Things look a little different and will until I figure things out. You may see this blog change looks a few times before I get it all settled. Enjoy the show.