Pawlenty not as wimpy as I expected

I just watched Christiana Amanpour’s interview with Tim Pawlenty. She, as usual, asked substantive questions. He surprised me.

He’s smooth. A very good talker. Sounds fierce sincere. Between the lines I was taking issue with most of what he said. But he said it very very well.

If he has money, I think he can make a pretty impressive run against Romeny.

AN ASIDE: Since I’m without cable here, I turned to the intertubes this morning. TV websites are not friendly. They all seem designed to get me to watch their stuff on the ole teevee, which isn’t exactly what I have in mind when I’m at their friggin website!

At CBS, when I just couldn’t locate CBS Sunday Morning, I tried their search engine. Nothing. Entered Charles Osgood – got a 1999 story, the history of their on air anchors. Simply awful.

Went ot CNN – search engine pretty useless. Once I found GPS, which was what I’d been seeking (I had to find on my own), there was no way to distinguish between stories and video. These guys don’t get it.

ABC was pretty good. Haven’t been to NBC yet..

15 responses to “Pawlenty not as wimpy as I expected

  1. They are lagging most of them.. but to get streaming of the networks, has lots from Europe (BBC) and MidEast (PressTV and Al Jazeera), and usually has CNN and MSNBC, but it’s shut down all the time. And keeps popping up again.

    For me,
    I enjoyed GPS this morning, but that SOTU woman is just too horrible, and Meet the Press with McConnell.. naw…

    I dived into the 15th century and the french invasion of Italy and Rome instead.. the Pope’s daughter being a captive of King Charles VIII but manages to change his mind about sacking pope alexander VI before they reach the Vatican. The cardinals fled the city like rats, and the pope faced the king in a simple cloak.. the humble servant..


    • Thanks for the leads, but 15th century sounds a bit more soothing. Even a few hundred years before when all they did was burn people alive. Better than SOTU (Candy Crowley, she sucks).

      Zacharia is the best. I’ll keep tryimg to find that.

      Just finished Ron Chernow’s new Washington bio. Epic, many pages, quite heavy. My arms got tired so it took a while. Chernow wrote a terrific and exciting bio of Hamilton which reads like a house-afire. So I was realyl looking forward to this one. But after a few hundred pages, I r ealized the reason the Hamilton book was so exciting was because Hamiliton was exciting. George is, well, George. Steady as she goes, thoughtful, patient – I’m proud of myself for getting through it. Although after reading this, I finally have a feel for an actual person.


    • Thanks! Like that…


  2. I’ll put Hamilton on the list.

    And I had a little bit of the same feeling reading “Master of the Senate” after “The Power Broker”. Caro is incredible – but RM is lots more awesome than LBJ. But maybe not fair comparison as he wrote 1200p on the Moses, and will end up with about 5000p on Johnson. 200 pages stretch about judicial senate details was dead boring.

    Kissingers latest “on china” is also on the list. 88 yrs old – his brain seems as clear and bright as ever..

    And yeah – I read Rumsfeld’s memo the other day. Illuminating, and discomforting.

    And also tried to read “The Prize” by Yergin – a primer of sorts on the oil age and industry – but gave up. Too much praise of the golden calf. I’m just not at all fascinated by money or those who pursue it. Not a grain of it.


    • I’ll tell you another awesome thing about Robert Caro – he DOESN’T AGE. I swear he looks the same today as when the first Moses book was published. I think he’s Dorian Gray.


  3. Rummy was ALWAYS Rummy…..


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  5. I saw this clip of him from 40 years ago – and yup. EXACTLY the same. Couldn’t tell a day’s difference. Voice same too.


  6. I recorded This Week, but haven’t watched it yet … but you have just reminded me to make sure I do. Thanks. Anyway, George Will has been saying for a while that Pawlenty is the one.


    • I’ve been thinking for some time that it had to be Romney, especially after Barbour and Daniels dropped out. But Romney doenst get anyone excited and Pawlenty could. It’ll be imteresting for sure.


    • I’m wondering if the billionaires don’t want a far-right candiate – and start throwing some more weight behind the extremists.

      Which, is probably counter-productive, as civil war on the right might give free passage to the re-election of BO.

      Rational thought would probably line up the moneypeople behind a moderate – but then greed clouds everything.. Or maybe it’s the short-term high-risk cult of business..


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