We know Palin likes red, but who knew she liked the Tories too?

A fine figure of a man

When I posted this video earlier, I missed something, but ojmo picked it up in comments. This all-bumper-sticker video celebrating Sarah Palin’s America? Watch it and ask yourself, as ojmo did, What’s with the Redcoats!.

For those of us who slept through high school History, the Redcoats were the British. We wore a very tasteful blue with cream lapels. Quite attractive – especially on Washington who chose the uniform. Epic fail Sarah. Now let’s see who amongst the punditocracy notices.

9 responses to “We know Palin likes red, but who knew she liked the Tories too?

  1. If someone asked her about that, she would say it was a ‘gotcha question by the lame stream media.’


  2. Well, Sean was pointing out how weird it is that red is now associated with the right. It seems to be just because the networks all made Bush states red on their election maps in 2000 and 2004.

    I’m pretty sure that Republican states have been blue and dem red in other years. For some reason I remember this was the case in 1976 between Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.


    • I’ve even heard some people call themselves Red or Blue. Odd. But yeah, the TV networks created the current color ‘codes’ and I’m sure the choice was arbitrary at the beginning.


  3. What I find ironic and disgusting is the part where they flash the word INDIVISIBLE. Snarky Sarah is one of the most DIVISIVE figures in recent American history.


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