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Pawlenty not as wimpy as I expected

I just watched Christiana Amanpour’s interview with Tim Pawlenty. She, as usual, asked substantive questions. He surprised me.

He’s smooth. A very good talker. Sounds fierce sincere. Between the lines I was taking issue with most of what he said. But he said it very very well.

If he has money, I think he can make a pretty impressive run against Romeny.

AN ASIDE: Since I’m without cable here, I turned to the intertubes this morning. TV websites are not friendly. They all seem designed to get me to watch their stuff on the ole teevee, which isn’t exactly what I have in mind when I’m at their friggin website!

At CBS, when I just couldn’t locate CBS Sunday Morning, I tried their search engine. Nothing. Entered Charles Osgood – got a 1999 story, the history of their on air anchors. Simply awful.

Went ot CNN – search engine pretty useless. Once I found GPS, which was what I’d been seeking (I had to find on my own), there was no way to distinguish between stories and video. These guys don’t get it.

ABC was pretty good. Haven’t been to NBC yet..

And so it begins . . .

This is the first Obama 2012 commercial from the campaign. It’s remarkably modest and low keyed. I think they intend it to contrast (favorably) with the Hollywood style, superhero, over the top Pawlenty ads. Here are both ads. (h/t Dave at The Conservative Lie

UPDATE: Oy! Sean tell us that the GOP is blocking embeds of their 2012 ad. Not auspicious for their chances in the second decade of the 21st Century.

UPDATE II: The GOP ad is no longer blocked. Embed away!