Maybe we can put Bernie Sanders on!

Stupid CNN.

” . . . there’s [was] an important detail to keep in mind. Politico noted that Bachmann’s “response will be streamed on the Tea Party Express’s web site, while Ryan’s will be carried by national networks.”

“[But] As it turns out, that’s no longer accurate. CNN announced late yesterday that it will broadcast all three speeches — President Obama’s national address, Ryan’s response, and Bachmann’s response — on the air, in their entirety.”


6 responses to “Maybe we can put Bernie Sanders on!

  1. You know..after thinking a second time.. i love this. It’s a political move by CNN – playing out Tea Party as a legitimate third party in American Politics – and booting Ryan in the face. Who cares about his boring stuff – loony Michele is much more fun!

    Keep it up, and 2012 is a plain walk-over for the Democrats..


  2. I can hardy wait to see Ryan’s clumsy attempt to out-wingnut the obviously clinically insane Michele Bachmann. Unless he’s sporting a tinfoil hat, I predict “the base” prefers her delivery. More thoughts on Bachmann.


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