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Filllibuster!!! Popcorn please!

ringmasterLadies and gentlemen! Citizens of television land! I call you to gather at the CSpan for the Greatest Show on Earth!! Ted Cruz has taken the floor.

This is the third real filibuster in the last few years and that should be a good thing. I much prefer it to the invisible procedural nonsense of  placing holds.  Last year, Bernie Sanders (D-VT) did eight hours and last winter Rand Paul did thirteen hours. I don’t think either changed any minds, but they were presented honestly and honorably.

But this one? After hours of Ted Cruz sends the whole populace rushing for the showers, other Congress Critters might decide that doing business in the shadows was the better idea after all.

Wake me when it’s over. Or maybe not.

via Atrios, from Wikipedia:

Democrats are expected to have 23 seats up for election, including 2 independents who caucus with the Democrats, while Republicans are only expected to have 10 seats up for election.

How do we overcome numbers like that?  There are 17 Democratic incumbents (plus Bernie Sanders) up and seven Republican incumbents up. That’s a huge gap. Worse, the seven GOP incumbents appear to be the moderate realists (don’t know anything about Barasso or Wicker), who will be forced to run against Tea Party candidates who are mounting serious challenges – well-funded no doubt by “Americans for Prosperity”.

Maybe we can put Bernie Sanders on!

Stupid CNN.

” . . . there’s [was] an important detail to keep in mind. Politico noted that Bachmann’s “response will be streamed on the Tea Party Express’s web site, while Ryan’s will be carried by national networks.”

“[But] As it turns out, that’s no longer accurate. CNN announced late yesterday that it will broadcast all three speeches — President Obama’s national address, Ryan’s response, and Bachmann’s response — on the air, in their entirety.”


8 hours, 35 minutes

Sen. Bernie Sanders just wrapped up his filibuster. Good for him. I listened from 4:30 till now and could have gone on for hours. He was riveting.

Hey Republicans, that’s a real filibuster.

Friday oldie

Still listening to Bernie – an hour ago he said ‘before I go’ . . . but it is Friday, so here you go.

A real filibuster. Right now.

I’ve been off-grid, off-line almost all of today – got home a short while ago and, as I do, checked the news by scanning the news channels. I landed on CSPAN2 and am staying there. Bernie Sanders is filibustering the tax bill. The cryon says he began at 10:25 a.m. today – almost eight hours.

I cannot remember the last time there was an actual filibuster in the US Senate.

UPDATE: Politico has a story up dated 4:04pm, almost an hour and a half ago. They were apparently among the 12,000 people trying to access the Senate’s video servers at the same time – the servers crashed. I don’t understand why their story isn’t being updated. Wonder how long Bernie will go on?

I just checked and the last real filibuster appears to have been in 1986 – SEn. Al D’Amato of NY went for 15 hours. The longest in modern history was by Strom Thurmond. He went for 24 hours trying to stop the 1957 Civil Rights Act.  He read the phone book.

Bernie is still on subject – reading constituent letters right now.

More of him please.

Small city mayor and most popular ever. Long time Congressman, now Senator. Bernie Sanders is the goods. I treasure that I met him a few times when he was a mayor – the first time, he was very busy and juggling phones, paperwork etc and mid sentence started handing me things. “Hold that, will you?’ Back to the phones. Then, “hand me that, will you?”. We hadn’t yet been introduced. I was enchanted.

Bernie says what no one else will.

Good morning

Sen. Bernie Sanders is on C-Span being interesting, provocative and challenging. And telling a caller that being a citizen is hard work. Back in the 80’s, I spent a lot of time visiting around Burlington VT and in the Champlain Islands. At that time, Bernie was the long time mayor of Burlington, or – as it was then called – the People’s Republic of Burlington. It was a great city – smart, rich, educated, full of energy and fun.

Sen. Bernie Sanders

I had a few opportunities to meet him then. His hair always needed combing. His shirt always needed to be tucked in. Often, his socks didn’t match. And he smelled like soap. Bernie was always in a hurry and didn’t bother with anything that didn’t contribute to the common good of his beloved city. Oh, and he had more hair.

This morning, he’s talking about his sincere commitment to veterans and to the families of those currently serving. He is clear to callers that he has serious problems with the war(s), but honors the obligations we have to our military.

I hope that word reaches the troops in Afghanistan, where it is the 116th day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan.