Live blogging da speech

We’re done. Let the jibberers begin their jabber.

10: 12 “Our destiny remains our choice . . . the state of our union is strong.”

10:09 “As messy as our democracy can be, there isn’t a person here who would trade places with any other nation on earth.” Orgasmic O’s . Of course. Kind words for Joe B and for Boehner – he was pleased.

10:07 “Enlist our veterans in the great task of building our own nation.” Another fine line. “And, yes,  some of them are gay.” Wow.

10:05  South Sudan – we supported; we did good. We stand with the people of Tunesia. Good luck brothers. Soldiers good again. Applause again. Long applause.

10:02 We’re controlling bad weapons – gettin’ those nukes. We’re forgin’ alliances in the Americas.

Is he going to say ‘State of the Union is strong’ or something?

10:00 “Reform, responsibility and innovation”.  Soldiers – applause.   Muslims are Americans too – standing O.  Tough fighting ahead. Iraq finished; Afghan, well, lot of words, but ya’ know . . . .

9:56 I will veto any bill with earmarks inside. Got that?

Boehner is still looking detached. Still orange though. I was kind of hoping he’d cry – I find I’m becoming fond of that eccentricity of his. Really.

9:55 Winding down now. “Win the Future’ again. Competent government. Efficient government. The last major reorganization of government happened in the age of black and white tv.  (Smoking joke) Administration will submit a proposal.

9:53  Strengthen Social Security. Don’t subject it to the whims of the stock market. Must end tax cuts after the two years. Simplify the tax code.

Kathleen Sibelius has nice hair.

9:52  Annual domestic spending is 12% of budget. It’s not enough. Need to cut more. Defense, health care, tax breaks and loopholes. Malpractice reform  – yes, I’m down with that.

FREEZE DOMESTIC SPENDING FOR FIVE YEARS – $400 billion over a decade. Painful cuts. Defense will cut. Community programs. But let’s not cut on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens.

9:50  Debt. Worst of recession is over. Time to deal with it.

9:48  “So instead of refighting the battles of the last two years, let’s fix what needs fixing and let’s move forward.” Great line.

9:46  Ordered a review of gov’t regs but will enforce safeguards.   HEALTH REFORM – just got first ‘mixed’ standing O – half up, half down. Then he made a joke. I’ll work with you – we can start with some corrections – applause. 

I wasn’t going to do this – I’m tired already.

9:44  Corporate tax rates – big guys get out of paying, little corps pay high high rates – fix the tax code! Standing O on that one.

9:42  Connect every part of America to the digital age. Expand wireless around the country.

9:40  High speed rail and high speed internet!!! Whooo!!! Our infrastructure used to be the best. Our nation’s engineers gave us a D on today’s infrastructure.  But he’s not asking for money that I can tell.  Give 80% of Americans access to high speed rail – in five(?) years!!

9:38 Illegal immigration. Camera to John McCain. He is, thankfully, awake. Stop kicking people out after we educate them.

9:38 John Boehner looks bored, keeps looking into his lap. I sure hope he’s not tweeting.  

9:37  Still education – this is important. Community colleges good. Raise expectations. Give the kids a chance.

9:34 Still talking schools, education. Keep it up Barry! “We want good schools.” In South Korea, teachers are known as ‘nation builders’ (second standing O). “become a teacher, your country needs you. ” Extend tuition tax credit – please.

It’s kind of nice to hear a speech go forward without those constant interruptions for partisan applause. This is a good thing. George Will was right! (I hate to say that.)
9:30   We’re falling behind in education and we can’t. Have to change this. Just got first standing ‘O’ – celebrate winner of science fair as well as winner of superbowl. 

9:28 Cut oil subsidies! Invest in clean energy – the fuels of tomorrow, not yesterday. Hmmmm, he’s saying ‘clean energy’ – he be talkin’ coal, what they ‘call’ clean coal. Not so good.

9:26  “We’ve begun to reinvent our energy policy. We’re not just handing out money – we’re issuing a challenge.” Lots of science talk – a good thing!

9:25 New budget – we’ll invest in biomedical technology, information technology and clean energy.”

9:25 Sputnik. NASA. “we unleashed a wave of industries”. Our Sputnik moment.

9:23  “In America, innovation doesn’t just change our lives; it is how we make our living.” Okay, that was cool.

9:22  “Winning the future”. How to get there. Here we go.

9:21 “the future is ours to win”. We can’t stand still. (It’s our turn to [dare I say] invest?)

9:21   Saying how great we are (applause), the ‘but’ will be the heart of the speech I imagine.

9:19  China is now home to the world’s fastest computer(!) – investment talk begins – I hope.

9:18 “Proud men and women who feel like the rules have changed in the middle of the game. They’re right. The rules have changed.”

9:17 “challenges that have been decades in the making” Good line.

9:15 That was a really strong start. Cut right to the reality. We’re bigger than party.

9:11 Boehner just introduced the Prez. Very brief, the usual words, but spoken in an oddly detached way.

9:08  Just a brief glance at the First Lady’s box, but did I see Lt. Chu up there? (The West Pointer Iraq commander who ‘came out’ last year.)

8:58 Is CNN still covering the Tea Party response?

8:52  Most egregious aisle hogs – Sheila Jackson Lee and Vern Buchanan. So far.

8:50  Fun watching who’s chatting up who. Best so far – Rand Paul and Al Franken, laughing – a lot. Wonder if they’re each other’s date tonight? Odd seeing so many Senators whose faces are new to me.

8:45  CSpan covered the magisterial moment when 100 Senators leave their chamber and ‘cross the aisle’ to the House, where they are welcomed, much as the President is when he enters. Nice.  Never saw that before.

28 responses to “Live blogging da speech

  1. yes to CNN covering Tea-Party Response and joined by MSNBC.



  2. Wow Moe’re doing great.


  3. you’re a champ Moe..I know how hard live blogging is.

    Big fun.



  4. The Center Square

    That was a wonderful read through your SOTU stream of consciousness. I completely concur with this: “9:48 “So instead of refighting the battles of the last two years, let’s fix what needs fixing and let’s move forward.” Great line.” F anybody who has nothing more to offer than repeal.

    Oh, and I should add: Michele Bachmann is a moron. Not meaning her politics, but rather her profound inability to construct a meaningful argument, supported by facts and reason.


    • Chris Matthews has gone ballistic – in a good way – because she recently said how hard the founders worked to end slavery. He had a tea party official on and couldn’t get the guy to even admit that it’s wrong to deny that slavery was right in the Constitution. He wouldn’t. So Matthews went nuts. He’s still not over it. And on this, I’m with him 100% – there really needs to be a line in the sand. She went over it and anyone defending her ignorance goes over it right with her. Ignorance is our enemy.


  5. The Center Square

    P.S.: The other thing the speech did for me was to remind me that even the best part of Republican ideas — fiscal responsibility — is incomplete as a policy vision for the future. There are things we actually have to DO. We really do have to migrate from foreign/fossil fuels to domestic/renewable fuels. We really do have to raise our education game.
    I don’t agree with all the president’s policy prescriptions (memo to the president: more nuclear power; and don’t just feed the college cost bubble until it bursts like a 2007 real estate market). But he’s right that we have to tackle them. He’s right that we have to CREATE our future.


    • I agree re nuclear power. We really need to do it for the short term anyway. Problem is who will build the facilities – the energy companies don’t want any part of that.


  6. Good job, Moe! It sounds like he just pandered to conservatives. How’s he going to freeze spending and increase spending on education and infrastructure at the same time? It’s not going to happen.


    • There is one thing Ben – by playing it down the middle, he pretty much cut the Repubs off at the knees – ie, I’m sure they were planning to be ready for bear today with the ‘but,but,but’s’ – he just didn’t give them much ammo. Two TV polls show approval rates in the 80% range (of hte speech).

      I keep wanting to believe that he plays a ‘long game’. (But there is that matter of Goldman Sacks . . . )


  7. …a great effort on your part…


  8. Thanks for the kudos guys – now can someone tell me why WordPress decided it would look better in italic no matter every effort of mine ot return it to roman?????


  9. …did you attempt to edit it by viewing it first via your HTML editor?

    Look for these HTML tags –

    All Content between these tags will appear in Italics


    • I did try to fix it in HTML – in fact, I DID fix it in HTML, but then in visual it snapped right back. I copied it into my old friend WordPerfect whihc has a code viewer and went thru line by line cleaning up all the problem codes and itals and whatever else – took it down to pure text. Repasted it into the WP text window, did a few little adjustments, updated and – ITALICS AGAIN! I quit. It is a mystery.


  10. oh that did not work so well…

    These are the Tags: () ()


  11. That’s funny…mmmm, here is a link that will explain italics HTML –


  12. I am so impressed! Mrs. Obama had a link to the people in her box on Facebook.

    Last night Jon Meachum characterized the President’s speech as a grownup speech being presented to grownups.


    • Thanks marylee – I think Dr. Rhee is the one I thought was Lt. Chu – vague resemblance and I wasn’t up close to the tv.

      Yeah, I think Meacham got it about right.


  13. …strange the HTML thing, if indeed it is the HTML that’s the problem…

    Wonder what would happen if you tried eliminating the text caption in the top image…grasping at straws I am…

    I viewed the source code for this post, and I don’t see any code suggesting italics…


  14. If you use firefox as your browser you can explore the source code of any page by going to View in your top most tool bar, and scrolling to Page Source…

    I suspect that it was not the image, but the caption that somehow turned all your text to italics…don’t know for sure though…


    • I gave up on Firefox because it was an energy hog. Coming back to Explorer was like revisiting the house you lived in when you were little and being surprised to find how smaler than you rmeember.


  15. …you can find the source code of any web page in IE the same way as in firefox…


  16. I use Notepad for pure text, not Wordpad – don’t know if you need this but here is a comparison of the two

    In IE, to view source code, look for the View Tab, click on it and then click on Source.

    You will then be able to view all that pages source code…this is sometimes helpful, though most of the time it’s just a geeky thing to do…


    • You? Geeky? Surely you jest. Actually, I never use notepad or wordpad or whatever it is. I sometimes use Word, but I hate Microsoft so that gets in the way. Mostly I cling to my old archaic WordPerfect 11, in which I can do absolutely anything.


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