Get outta my way peasants!

A new reader (and blogger) ScriptorObscura posted this graphic detailing the political history of the Koch family, whose current patriarchs are brothers David and Charles.  (I borrowed it, as did she.*) Their father founded the John Birch Society; they founded Freedom Works, the best financed Tea Party group. The ‘freedom’ they are concerned with of course is for their own money; to them, the rest of society are barely worth notice. That ‘rest of society’ is you. And me. And anyone we’ve ever met.

They don’t like us, they don’t like taxes, they don’t like Social Security or the minimum wage. And taxes – did I say taxes?

They do like Dick Armey though.

(* graphic originated at The Other 98 dot com.)

15 responses to “Get outta my way peasants!

  1. Ha ha, I love the title of this blog post! 🙂


  2. Aren’t these the guys who tried to corner the market on silver a decade or so ago?


  3. Woodstock…those other brianiacs, were the Hunt Brothers…

    Moe, it’s a pity more don’t follow the money…Thanks


  4. I am currently reading “Merchants of Doubt.” It is about the organized movement to obfuscate science underwritten by right-wing organizations like the various Koch fronts. I am amazed that the same people were behind denial that smoking kills, that nuclear war would result in nuclear winter, that SDI was scientifically implausible from the get-go (seriously, literally any physics senior or grad student can tell you this), and anthropogenic global warming. Amazing.


  5. These bastards.

    They never care about anyone but there own money. When will poor white trash wake up and smell teh coffee?

    God is just a ploy.

    The rich sell it.

    The uneducated buy it.

    Anything to keep their money.

    Meanwhile they come in from the back and rob us p0or Irish/German bastards.

    Those damn English twats. Oh! How civilized!!!

    Bastards… Churchill the neocon puppet be damned.

    YES! Hitler was BAAAD!

    But ’twas not his murder of teh joos that brought the wrath of thh rich upon him, but his rebellion against the bankers.

    They feed us lies and ever will until we crucify teh bastards.


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  7. Great find Moe! The Kock (oops) brothers should be notorious household names. Don’t forget to mention how they like to host seminars and symposiums for Supreme Court Justices. (Maybe one of the break-away workshops was how to hide six figure incomes from your employer – the federal government.)


  8. Mad Billionaires’ Disease?!

    Sacre Bleu! Is it infectious? How does it spread? Airborne spores? Contact with the body’s mucous membranes? Is it in all that expensive champaigne they drink?!



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