Hang your heads in shame, Liberals!

Over at The Conservative Lie, bigotbasher has a post called ‘Liberals Built America“. He lists (via Kos) some of the things, to use his words, ‘bequeathed to America”. Like:

.. the 8 hour day
.. paid holidays
.. paid vacations
.. sick pay
.. pensions
.. workplace safety
.. Social Security
.. Medicare
.. Medicaid
.. GI Bills
.. student loans and grants for college
.. Consumer Product Safety Commission
.. requiring truth in advertising
.. Food safety
.. safety in drugs and cosmetics
.. requiring auto makers to recall and fix unsafe vehicles
.. clean water
.. clean air
.. free public education

There are so many more at his link.

15 responses to “Hang your heads in shame, Liberals!

  1. How about regulation that separated investment banks from regular banks (see Glass-Steagall). That worked pretty well until its repeal in 1999.


  2. I totally disagree Moe. I think it is time to concede to the christians that the founding fathers were as much christian as we use to be ape.

    But all things evolve.

    America has great many things to be ashamed of. Christianity, slavery, oppression of homosexuals, of women, etc not withstanding.

    They can all go die for all I care.

    Let the USA become the ASU – – YEs! We are EVOLVING!!! Viva la American Socialist Union.

    Death t0 God.


  3. No.

    I thought I would find comfort with my boyfriend.

    It has hit me hardly…

    Texas is not the problem.

    Ape Is.

    Death to Christianity.

    Let true Evolution take hold.

    *flutters tongue*

    This I swear Moe. The Sun will rise.

    As the darkness of Christianity passes…

    Fuck Jesus.

    Hear my words

    You shall surely see that I am not teh christian troll…

    by my words…

    Yin and yang.


    …is all there is

    I am through with that which makes ashamed.



    Do you SEE?


    • No, Sam, I don’t see. Your message is confusing. All I can see is that things have changed and your’e unhappy and off track. I’m really daring to be very personal here, but Sam, I ask this sincerely – are you supposed to be on a medication you’ve stopped taking? Your persona has changed so drastically – that’s why I ask. If I’m wrong about that I apologize most profoundly, but something is going on and you WILL get past it.


    • shortbuswonderkid

      I’m a little lost too, but I’m still chuckling. I think it is pretty well proven that people are sort-of related to apes and I don’t think Jesus really cares. But, I thought Moe’s post was about good things that the liberal movement has done for society — monkeys and jesuses are nice, but off the point.


  4. I am kicking suboxone/methadone and thought some wine would help.

    I really made an ass of myself – not just on various internet sites, but also in my boyfriends home.


  5. I do not see your contact page.

    In any case, Luther is setting me up with an appointment with his family specialist for various medications due to – Restlessness, insomnia, and (hopefully) anxiety.

    I drank some jewish passover wine yesterday – Mogendavid – and went a wee bit overboard.

    I am kind of ashamed, actually.

    Thanks for your understanding, Moe. You had me pegged right – I am without my meds. I had decided not to transition to an opiate maintainance upon arriving in Ohio. I took my last dose of suboxone (which I switched to from Methadone) 8 days ago.

    Normally I would not air my personal business online like this, but I have been visiting your site for awhile, and I have already showed my arse.


    • shortbuswonderkid

      Seriously, don’t beat your self up. Kicking anything stronger than Tylenol is a monsterous task. Methadone is among the hardest to kick. I’d bet the alcohol numbed you a little, but the teeth of withdwarl were still gnawing hard. Be cool with yourself, it is a hard task. (Besides, a little humility can be a good thing sometimes.)


      • Thanks…

        Yes, it is hell. But let me also point out that I got on opiate maintainance due to an addiction to ‘scripts – not illicit drugs.

        I know “they all” say that, but in my case it is actually true.

        The wine tasted awful, but I downed the whole bottle.

        I didn’t feel much, no… But I wonder if I may have delayed my detox any, seeing as how alcohol works on simular brain receptors as full agonist opiates…


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