Let me say this about that

Folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher and listening to the Sunday shows. First up for me –  new Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Meet the Press. Gregory has been trying to get him to say the birthers have an illegitimate issue. He won’t. He’s trying to get Cantor to dispute the birther script and agree that it’s just ‘crazy talk’. He won’t. But he has a good reason – Cantor says he ‘won’t be prodded into calling people names’.

How about specifics for cutting the budget? Everything is on the table David. Like what? See, David, we need to get back to fiscal responsibility. But Rep. Cantor, what would this Congress cut? We have a committee working on that.

How about repeal of Health Care? What will the Republicans to cover the Americans who have no health insurance now? Well first David, we have to keep our campaign promise and repeal this bad bill. Will you repeal all fo it or parts of it? Americans were clear. Elections have consequence.

Find an answer in there. I dare you.

(For some Sunday fun, go visit The Bobblespeak Translations, where the weekend jibber jabber is translated every week for the rest of us. Funny stuff.)

7 responses to “Let me say this about that

  1. Good thing they have to deliver a budget in april.. clear numbers and priorities..

    Maybe they’ll try some tricks like ten- or twenty-years reduction programs.. with initial deficit-increasing measures.. and then some symbolics like shutting down npr and museums. And blaming “the left” for screwing up so bad.. that the bigger cuts need some time to start working!


    • Well of course that’s exactly how it will go.

      And npr/pbs will ALWAYS be near the top of the list. No matter that The News Hour is over and over again the most trusted new broadcast on television. I have never udnerstood the conservative antipathy to Public Broadcasting. My ditto head brother once told me they ‘have a gay agenda’. Holy elvis.


  2. He,he.. you have to blaim gays or abortion – so gays it is.


  3. Gregory has been trying to get him to say the birthers have an illegitimate issue. He won’t.

    I think that Obama is a citizen. However, it seems odd to me that as a condition to being President you don’t have to prove your citizenship. It should be place din the records…..

    But Rep. Cantor, what would this Congress cut?

    Social Security.

    Nothing else matters.

    What will the Republicans to cover the Americans who have no health insurance now?

    Nothing. Virtually every American that doesn’t have health insurance now doesn’t want health insurance now. Further, the decision to purchase health insurance is an individual one. If you want it, go buy it, if you don’t-don’t.

    Will you repeal all fo it or parts of it?

    We will. And we know that it’ll die in the Senate [can I say that David? I mean, die is such a sensitive word these days]. However, the message is critical.

    In the end, we’ll pass legislation that removes the individual mandate, allows insurance to be sold across state lines, we’ll find stronger language to prevent insurance companies from dropping you if you get sick. We’ll repeal the legislation that would force an insurance company to cover you for an ailment you already have.


    • [It should be place din the records…..] I believe it already is for all prez candidates – both for passport and to file to run via Federal Elections Commission. It’s bad reporting that only covers the ‘controversy’. There really is no controversy.

      When Lieberman announced he was stepping down this week, all hte jibber jabberers tallked about him as a Democrat – failed to remember that he’s not a Democrat, that CT Democrats threw him out and he won with the Republican vote. More bad reporting.

      [Defense. Social Security. Medicare. Medicaid.]
      Closest Cantor came was saying ‘everyting is on the table’.

      I agree with your list except for SS. It’s really not a problem, except as part of the debt – it can self finance. Medicare/medicaid are the killers, but again the problem is much bigger than the programs themselves. The whole health care system needs radical reform – M&M would get more affordable once we tackle the 800 pound gorilla. It’s not how we pay for health care – it’s how we provide health care – that’s the problem. (I favor tort reform pino – surprise!)


  4. The only proof I have ever needed that Obama is a citizen is that he was elected president – do you think for one minute that if it were in any way provable that he was not a citizen, that the right would not have already done so, do you imagine that they can’t get there hands on a silly piece of paper locked in a file in Hawaii?
    How nice of Eric Cantor to finally get around to stating it…

    And Pino, your “Virtually every American that doesn’t have health insurance now doesn’t want health insurance now” statement gets my most absurd comment of the day award. Congrats!


    • Let me add – pino, when you say “virtually every American” are the children included in that? I beleive there are something like 18mil of them without health insurance.


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