Also from Frum Forum (I just like typing that)

 Reading down the front page at Frum Forum, I see a negative story calling Rush Limbaugh’s recent President Hu slur ‘offensive’. Of more interest to me though, was that David Frum’s conservative site chose to use this very unflattering photo.

From The Note:

“Hu Jintao — He was speaking and they weren’t translating. They normally translate every couple of words. Hu Jintao was just going ching chong, ching chong cha,” Limbaugh said, before launching into a 17-second imitation of the Chinese leader’s dialect.

I woudn’t call it an imitation – I’d call it a mockery. And so 1950.

44 responses to “Also from Frum Forum (I just like typing that)

  1. wow, Rush has done something bad enough to be chastised by the Right? I’m glad I was sitting when I read this. Might have knocked me down!


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  3. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat

    The man is a walking, talking, oxycontin popping parody of uber conservative pundits. I would think for the most part that the Republican Party has to do a collective face palm every time he opens his mouth. What a joke!


    • I marvel at how the ‘family values’ party worships at the feet of an obese, three times divorced, drug addicted entertainer.


      • I marvel that people like “Beneath” never mentions Obama’s cocaine use and his sexual encounters with people like Mr. Sinclair. Rush obviously has overcome his addiction and at least had the cods to admit it and get help. Those on the left would just blame someone else.
        Scanning the other comments here; Stephen Colbert and Chris “tingly leg” Matthews are ‘stand up’ guys to you all? man-o-man; some of you folks are the strongest argument for evolution. I gotta go to the Drudge Retort from here and get some real looney left wing blather. I still love you Moe!


        • Steve – who is ‘Mr. Sinclair’. People throw up these obscure names . . .

          Colbert and Matthews – yeah, they’re stand up guys. Let’s see: both observant Catholics, married to their first wives (Matthews for 40 years), raised strong families. Colbert was one of 11 kids, made his own way, has four or five of his own. Matthews is from a blue collar family, spent two years in the Peace Corp and made his way on his own has kids and almost grandkids.

          ‘Rusty’, privleged son of a Judge, college dropout, divorced three times, no religion, had a Taj Mahal penthouse in NYC till he decided people like him shouldn’t have to pay taxes like other New Yorkers. Just married himself a trophy wife, lives behind walls and security in Palm Beach, has a cat.

          Who’s the stand up guy? Is a person’s politics the only measure of quality?


          • Larry Sinclair.
            I see you know alot about Mr. Limbaugh … much more than I.
            Moe, I really form my own opinions by what I read on the internet via whatever is available. I think Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter are all putzes. (sp?) But when I hear those that lean more left than those folks, I can’t understand their reasoning. Just me I guess.
            A measure of quality is their actual character … what we are when no one can see us. What we are is not what people see …


          • Okay, who is Larry Sinclair?


          • I’m surprised you don’t know who Larry Sinclair is. Here’s a link to part 1 of the news conference he had shortly before the election.


          • Now I think I vaguely remember Mr. Sinclair as a bit of a sideshow back in the day. Dear lord – this one’s right up there with Clinton ran drugs in Arkansas and killed Vince Foster and a few others. I listened to his amazing ‘press conference’ and then of course went googling. There are lots of hits of course. This one seems to be from someone who was at that press conference:

            ” I blogged a few weeks back about a convicted criminal, Larry Sinclair, who’d been begging the media to cover his wild allegations about Barack Obama. Today Sinclair trotted into the National Press Club to air the allegations before what can literally be described as an audience of international press, and can more accurately be described as an amused bunch of people taking in a circus act. . . .
            “It had been a difficult morning for Sinclair. The Politico’s Ben Smith published a short feature on Sinclair’s 27-year criminal record of fraud and petty crimes; Greta Van Susteren linked the story, and told viewers/readers why she has ignored him. “While the internet is a great communication and educational tool, it is also viral when it comes to smearing people,” she wrote, prompting commenters to call her a cover-up artist and an agent of Barack Obama. It got worse when Sinclair’s lawyer Montgomery Sibley—whose license is currently suspended in D.C. and Florida—showed up in a kilt and told reporters that his above-average endowment made slacks tight and uncomfortable. The Rev. James David Manning, who gained web celebrity in April for a YouTube’d sermon in which he called Obama a “long-legged mack daddy,” sat in the crowd of 50 or so with his family. He didn’t take questions. ”

            That Larry Sinclair?

            Here’s the link:


          • @Steve – when you say “A measure of quality is their actual character … what we are when no one can see us” I’d say no, that’s only part of it. I think the bibbest measure of character is one lives their life.
            CORRECTION! I can hardly type today – “I think the biggest measure of character is how one lives thier life.” There.


          • Yes, I believe it’s thatLarry Sinclair. Jeez, the folks on the left are so predictable. Pointing out the guy’s criminal record … which, before he even gets into his allegations concerning Obama he openly and readily admits to. Then pointing out that his attorney has a suspended law license … like Michelle Obama.
            Attacking the guy by pointing out his criminal past and the other things, means nothing; absolutely nothing. That is just typical of the left to try to detract from what most likely is the truth. The guy gives specific dates, times, places, etc. but I don’t hear or see any facts (that dastardly, hated thing) to the contrary. And I heard him challenge Obama to take a polygraph as he’s more than willing to do.
            But really, it’s not a big deal. So what if Obama used/uses cocaine and frequents with homosexuals?
            Also, I did a little research on Rush Limbaugh and I think you embellished somewhat on his “privledged” sonship, etc. It seems Mr. Limbaugh actually worked to get where he is today.
            His dad was an attorney, which a lot of his family memebers are/were, but Rush didn’t even graduated college. It seems he got to where he is on his own merits and work. That is something the left hates, because the government is supposed to provide everything in their view.


          • @Steve:
            ‘Rusty’ was privleged in in comparison to Matthews and Colbert which was the point. But let us stipulate that they ALL got where there were with hard work. What we were talking about if you remmeber was ‘who is a stand up guy’ and you seemed to think they weren’t. And my point was they very much are.

            Michelle O? How’d she get into this conversation? Suspended law license? Perhaps you mean mean lapsed. One is involuntary – guess which one!

            Go ahead nad believe if you want Steve – Sinclair can have all the times/dates he wants. And as in law, it’s his charge to prove them. His charges are along the lines of the old “when did you stop beating your wife?” canard at which poiint the poor fool being challenged is supposed to prove he wasn’t beating his wife.

            I think Sinclair comes off as a sad desperate little man who’s been encouraged to seek the limelight. Sorry, he just doens’t ring true.


          • Michelle got into the conversation exactly the way Montgomery Sibley’s name did. You need to research somewhat deeper as to why M. Obama’s law license isn’t … uh … “current” right now.
            Anyway, I know I’m spinning my wheels here as like you said Sinclair can have all the dates, times and places he wants and you’ll never believe it anyway, as that kind of stuff … like evidence and proof,never really mean anything to some folks.
            Personally, I think Mr. Obama is capable of just about anything. And it’s possible Mr. Sinclair could be telling the truth.


    • Just watched last night’s Colbert – one of his very best. I have friends coming for dinner tonight and I want them to watch it if htey haven’t already.

      It was frackin’ brilliant!


  4. I think I can one up you on the title:

    Further from Frum Forum:


  5. President Hu represents a repressive government. They jail political dissidents such as Liu Xiaobo , the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner. His wife Liu Xia is also under house arrest. Why, why, why do we not hear Liberals harp about this? Why do we not hear about how China represses the conquered land of Tibet ?

    And you guys are upset by a President Hu slur. Maybe you are upset that Liu Xiaobo actually earned his Nobel Peace Prize as opposed to someone who won for what he might accomplish.


  6. They normally translate every couple of words. Hu Jintao was just going ching chong, ching chong cha,” Limbaugh said, before launching into a 17-second imitation of the Chinese leader’s dialect.

    I woudn’t call it an imitation – I’d call it a mockery. And so 1950.

    This was the point of the post. RL was acting inappropriately toward a head state, most likely bordering on racism. What follows is the vacuous defence (?) of what RL said.

    Steve: “I marvel that people like “Beneath” never mentions Obama’s cocaine use and his sexual encounters with people like Mr. Sinclair.”

    What does this have to do with RL making a bigoted, racist remark? Nothing. A red herring.

    Steve (again) :Scanning the other comments here; Stephen Colbert and Chris “tingly leg” Matthews are ‘stand up’ guys to you all? man-o-man; some of you folks are the strongest argument for evolution.

    Poisoning the Well, laced with a personal attack as well. Again, nothing to really address or defend RL and his actions. Baseless blather, in other words, adding nothing and not even a whisper of a cogent argument.

    Alan Scott said: “They jail political dissidents such as Liu Xiaobo , the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner. His wife Liu Xia is also under house arrest. Why, why, why do we not hear Liberals harp about this?”

    A Red herring, topped with a Strawman argument. How nice.

    How does the actions of the Chinese government make it right for RL to be racist, rude and ignorant? Would you also argue that George W. Bush, when speaking publicly, should be addressed as the “Mendacious Fabricator who lied to take his country to war?” I doubt you would, and then of course that would the fallacy of special pleading. The internment of Nobel Prize recipients of course, is the red herring. The strawman (so much wrong packed into a small space) is this little gem.

    Why, why, why do we not hear Liberals harp about this?

    Really? The first faulty assumption is that Liberals are a monolithic group that stand or fall together. Secondly even the most elementary google foo reveals there has been much outrage in both liberal and conservative camps. Regardless of reality you go on to beat your liberal strawman to death. Congratulations.

    AS said: Maybe you are upset that Liu Xiaobo actually earned his Nobel Peace Prize as opposed to someone who won for what he might accomplish.

    A red herring for three at the buzzer. Thank you for arguing about issues irrelevant to what the post is actually about.

    Of course, Steve has the need to really win the Fallacy Olympics in this thread, so as a clever riposte to Mr. Scott’s fallacy laden misadventure he says:

    Hey Alan; Mr. Hu is a hero to these guys and gals.

    Oh, and the crowd goes wild! Guilt by association, a red herring and poisoning the well all rolled into a succulently sweet twelve word, poorly punctuated, sentence.

    Because the people’s on this boards political leanings have so much to do with the original proposition – RL made a mockery with racist overtones of a visiting head of state. It just needed to be added to the conversation, because it adds well, nothing(obfuscating aside) to the question at hand. Well perhaps nothing other the puerile meanderings of people who seem to believe that posturing, name calling and fibbing are a form of argumentation and that their arguments(?) should be taken seriously.

    Sorry Moe, I have a bit of a case of SIWOTI. I feel better now. 🙂


    • Hi Arb, nice to see you and Happy New Year.

      Thank you big time for introducing xkcd! What a brilliant guy! I have subscribed and will have hours of fun exploring the archives. So thanks!

      Is the phrase SIWOTI original to him? It’s brilliant. (did I already say brilliant? Anyway, it’s brilliant.)

      I don’t think Steve or Alan will like the rest of the site. But I may have to put that particular cartoon up.


      • Happy New Year – Thanks Moe, it is nice to see you as well. Been busy in the educational salt mines. 😉

        I’m not sure if xkcd started it or not, but the google results tend to think so. Have fun browsing his archive it really quite funny. 🙂


  7. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat

    In Rush’s defense he did have the cajones to admit his addiction to Oxycontin and get help. Right after news broke of a possible federal indictment for his alleged involvement in a drug trafficking case in Florida. I don’t care much for red herring, it leaves a bad after taste.


  8. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat

    You left out seditionist 🙂


  9. Limbaugh shouldn’t be making fun of people who have to put things in their ear to help them hear better. (Is that mean?)

    Hi Moe, missed ya! Happy New Year!


    • I wear a hearing aid – a regular one. When I got it, my ditto-head brother said to me “you should get what Rush got – it’s amazing’. Of course, Rush got a cochlear implant which, when all is said and done, costs upward of $100K. But like his hero, my brother thinks we can all get what we want if we just try hard enough.

      So no – you weren’t being mean, you were being quite clever!

      I have actually heard Rush make fun of women who are fat.


  10. Side note: Frum’s Canadian.
    Side question: – what you do you think of Frum’s whole “No Labels” thing, Moe? I kind of like it, but then I realize that I’m too opinionated to like it that much. 🙂


    • Hi back at ya’ Vern and Hapy New Year to you too.

      I love the No Labels idea but don’t have much hope that it’ll go anywhere. Frum, Bloomberg – not crazy people, so it would be cool if they could gain any traction, but I’m too cynical to beleive it possible.

      Do you remember back the Natural Law party? They ran a candidate in 2000 (I think?) who actually got some attention. I rather liked them, even though they were kinda libertarian; they were just so rational.


  11. Didn’t anyone find my Limbaugh joke funny? Damn. 😦 Oh well. Won’t quit my day job.

    Moe: I don’t remember the Natural Law people. Rational is good, but I find it usually represents only what we see above the waterline to head fake us from all the irrational stuff they push through behind our backs. 🙂

    I hear the NASA cutbacks are hitting hard down (and over) there. Very sad, and this weather can’t be signaling anything good for the crops coming up.


    • I got your joke! (see above)

      Everything’s hitting us here. First, we had the biggest real estate burst bubble in the country. Which meant unemployement because in florida what we do is build houses and malls – we each have our own mall you know. Then the oil spill killed a lot of the tourist areas (which was CNN’s damn fault – they almost never reported that there really was no oil on most FL beaches) and now the weather.

      I saw a NOAA projection recently suggesting that this weather is our new normal. Maybe if this climate stuff gets worse, NOAA et all can rehire all the NASA people.


      • I’m sorry it’s been hit so bad. I also understand about CNN – that was a joke, Cooper so desperate to run around and do oil-laden photo ops.

        It’s sad that they’re cutting back the space program. It’s like cutting back on the arts, in my opinion. Well I still look forward to visiting there later this month, and in May. I’ve never seen a launch and it’s something I want to see before they shut it all down. Florida will see me spend some tourist dollars, for sure – weather and imaginary oil on beaches be damned!


        • Welcome to sunny Florida! We’ll happily take your dollars!

          Years ago, Al Franken did a routine about ‘man in space’ where he said something like “so we have this huge elderly population on the one hand and NASA wants to keep sending people into space but they also like to bring them back and so it’s damn expensive on the other hand.” I can’t make it sound funny but of course he did (back when he was a comic of course).

          I’m of two minds – I’ve always loved the space program, thrilled to Apollo and all the programs that followed. But I beleive too that it’s probably time to do something different – go further out, be more daring and we can only do that with unmanned vehicles.


  12. Believe it or not I am against NASA cuts. It is a disgrace that the agency that put men on the moon has as it’s primary mission to make Muslims feel good about their historic contributions to engineering, math and science.

    As far as climate I will say it again. I sure wish that President Obama would stop doing such a good job cooling the earth. It is freezing up here and my furnace died.


    • Muslims? Huh? What’s that about?

      NOAA, by the way, says this winter – at least here in FL – may be the ‘new normal’. The melting Artic is putting more moisture into the air and the ‘frigid zone’ is moving further south. I need new AC next year and I htink I’ll have to pay closer attention to the heater too.


  13. Ms. Holland,

    ” Muslims? Huh? What’s that about? ”

    I am a little surprised that you missed this, because my side had cow about it 6 months ago . With NASA’s budget being cut and this is their primary mission. JFK must be doing barrel rolls in his grave.

    My gas furnace has been dying for years. I’m lucky to have a supplemental coal stove, but this last cold wave I had to replace the gas furnace because it being older than me there are no parts for it and the coal stove is too small to handle the job when the nights are below zero.

    Today for the first time since around New Years, we are above freezing. This is sunscreen and beach towel weather for us.


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