Speaking of shark jumping

Has the day finally arrived? Is Mr. Bouncy-Bouncy’s reign of fear crumbling?

FOX News is once again surprising me. It’s 6:45 pm and Brett Baier has convened his panel. He plays a bit of Limbaugh from the radio today wherein he railed at who-knows-who and downright and cynically mocks the memorial service in Tucson.

Charles Krauthhamer does not love Rush Limbaugh! Juan Williams does not love Rush Limbaugh!  They were quite dismissive of the comments they heard. And –  they did not walk back their own comments.  Is it possible that folks aren’t as afraid of the un-citizen as they once were?

If anyone starts walking back, bet it’s Limbaugh – tomorrow.

Check out the 'bullet holes'

(And zounds! Just switched to MSNBC where I heard the tail end of a report about some trouble in radio land. A local station has pulled down its Limbaugh billboards today after the totally tasteless comments. An early and incomplete story here. )

UPDATE – CORRECTION – the billboard was taken down Monday before the fat man’s vulgarity of today. Not clear exactly who pulled it down – the language at the two places I’ve read the story is ambiguous.)

12 responses to “Speaking of shark jumping

  1. I don’t care why it came down, as long as it did. If we see less gun imagery in the future, even for a little while, I would say amen to that.


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  4. Keeping my fingers crossed. I’m saying that the right will never gain any credibility until it starts to denounce the crazies among them. Somebody in that outfit must have a backbone!


    • I remember how the extremists that came out of the anti war movement in the 70’s nearly destroyed the Democratic party. Had Nixon not done his bad boy stuff, I don’t think the Dems could have had a president in ’76 and maybe not in 92 either.

      I can only wish the same on our friends to the right.


    • The question though is, does the right even need credibility? I mean if your standard bears include people like Palin, Beck and Limbaugh is credibility even a issue?

      The hard right has erected a crazy house of mirrors and attempts to frame all of politics by its own twisted standards. Sadly, the rhetoric and the crazy froth serve only to alienate more people away from the one of the more salient facts of the current US political system. The two major parties platforms are both far to the right of the publics’ position on most issues.
      I would be frustrated and apathetic too if I had to constantly choose the lesser of two evils to misrepresent my political aspirations.


  5. The Arbourist,

    If the American Democratic Party is right wing to you or right of the public in your opinion, you must be to the left of Mao.

    Ms. Holland,

    These crazies you see all over the place, I do not see. I see a lot of people doing what you are supposed to do when you disagree with the political establishment. In general the Tea Party people are almost Quakers in their non violence. Much different than the anti war hippies destroying colleges and blowing up government buildings. Even Glen Beck’s rally left Washington in better shape than some of the left wing rallies and their trash.


    • [Tea Party people are almost Quakers in their non violence. Much different than the anti war hippies destroying colleges and blowing up government buildings]
      You speak of events nearly half a century ago – one university building was damaged by the way – at Columbia. Pretty much that was it. Um, those Tea Partiers wearing flags as t-shirts (against the law by the way) seem to like war; they support war. The 60’s protests about stopping war. Who are the Quakers?

      By the way, I thought Glenn Beck’s rally wasn’st political; if you compare it with the ‘left’, then you must mean his was a politically ‘right’ event.



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