“Your lungs or your job.”

This morning, I heard a fascinating panel discussion on US-Canada relations. David Frum, former Bush guy, was among those on the dais, so I decided to stop over at Frum Forum which I do from time to time because he is not crazy. Found this just now – we are truly moving into upside-down-land.

CLEAN AIR ACT UNDER ATTACK . . .  the new chair of the House Energy and Power Subcommittee, Ed Whitfield (R-KY) thinks that some dirty air is okay and is not afraid to say so.

In a recent interview with National Journal Daily, the coal state Republican talked about his desire to roll back provisions of the Clean Air Act, saying:

This is a much broader issue than the health of the American people and lungs and emphysema; it’s how can we balance that in the global marketplace for jobs.

Your lungs or your job. Is that the trade-off that Whitfield is asking American voters to accept? There likely wouldn’t be many takers.

I hardly know who to watch in this new Congress. There’s such a delicious choice.

4 responses to ““Your lungs or your job.”

  1. Can hardly wait for dinner tonight, conversation as well as food will be delicious. I’m writing down your “watch” list so I can keep up to date, there are too many talking heads for me to keep track. Love the Limbaugh pix!


    • No need to write it down. Just go over the CATEGORIES cloud on teh right, and click ‘Meet the 112th’. All posts on the subject will come right up. Easy, see?


  2. shortbuswonderkid

    Geez, non-smokers are always complaining about the air. “It stinks.” “It stings my eyes.” “I can’t breathe!” There is no money to be made in clean air, besides, what would the Air Force do without jets and missiles?


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