We kid ourselves

Time Magazine has this picture on its cover and asks  “What Happens if We Leave Afghanistan“.

Are they unaware that this is what happened while we were IN Afghanistan?

Why does anyone think it will be different?

5 responses to “We kid ourselves

  1. Moe, that is so sad. That poor girl is beautiful, too. We should bring her over here and hire the best plastic surgeon to help her. And send the american tax-payer the bill. You know, Moe, all too often all we ever hear about is “American Military” casualties. But the biggest tragedy, is what happens to the innocent civilians in the Nations we “liberate”. It makes me want to puke. No wonder the World hates us. We aren’t stopping the oppresors. We are the oppresors. That is the sad truth, Moe.


  2. I hate to be the one to break it to you Moe and typicaltexan; that is not America’s fault by any stretch of the imagination.
    Do you honestly think that is, has been, and will continue because of America?
    Here’s something that hopefully will enlighten you.



    • Steve – no way did I say that was our fault. No way. What I did say is that even we weren’t able to stop this barbarity. We can’t be everywhere and even if we were, would we even have known it was about to happen?

      Once we leave, whenever we leave, they’ll go right back to their tribal ways.

      And that is what I was saying.


  3. Steve, I agree that Islam, as with ALL Organized Religion, is regressive, barbaric, and violent concerning women. And? Your point is? I guarentee you that we have killed more women and children in the middle-east in the last 10 years then honor killing victims in the last 100. Do you know that it has been 4 years since a woman was stoned for committing adultery? Our zionist controlled press blows those horror stories out of proportion to justify the ethnic cleansing of Muslims. So get a clue, Steve.


    • What? Samuel, your oars aren’t hitting the water.
      I’m amazed you didn’t get my point. If you followed the link there are plenty of pictures.
      Why don’t you give your baseless statistics to the young ladies without noses and ears, or without a face at all because some freak threw acid in their face.
      “Zionist controlled press”?
      Jeez. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s written, to “comfort the feeble minded”. I’m doing my best here.
      Have a great weekend.


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