Why I can’t watch anymore

Dependable Renegade points me again to the brilliant gustavandmilo. Here’s their latest. Ladies and gentlemen, the stars of ‘Morning Joe’.

8 responses to “Why I can’t watch anymore

  1. Today is my daughter’s birthday, Moe. 7 years old. I’m changing my handle starting today, and I’m gonna try and figure out how to operate my WP blog. Maybe I will be able to post a pic of her there in the future. Anyway, just thought I would let you know…


  2. Yep! That is my name. German-Jewish in origin. I don’t mind what you call me. Everyone calls me Sam. I just thought “typical texan” is a little funny for someone as far-left as me. Even though I fish, watch football, love beer, and everything else texans do. I just get tired of WP bloggers commenting on what seems like an “oxymoron” to them.


  3. Oh. I was refering to my surname when I said german-jewish in origin.


  4. Nice clip. Horrible Show.


  5. Hilarious! Right on point! Have to see more GAM.


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