I wish this hadn’t occurred to me

PBS is broadcasting the Paul McCartney White House concert from a mnth or so ago. I was enjoying it until I realized . . .

Paul McCartney is old enough to be Obama’s father. Worse, Obama is young enough that Paul McCartney could be his father.

That is all. I am now turning to drugs.

14 responses to “I wish this hadn’t occurred to me

  1. What kind of drugs you need honey?



  2. I turned to drugs long ago, Moe. That’s why I’m on at the Methadone Clinic. I’m serious. 😛 But anyway, yes it is definitely a young person’s World. I myself see what’s left of my youth passing me by so fast, and there is so much I would have liked to do. I never did like the Beatles, although Lennon’s “Imagine” is the most left wing song to ever hit pop-music (The Scorpion’s “Wind of Change” is the most right-wing). When it’s all said and done, though, I think young people will do a pretty good job. 🙂


  3. Yeah, they will learn from the mistakes of the baby boomers and do a better job. I am very impressed with how intelligent some of these kids are. My graduation class was 12 years ago, and it already seems like the kids today are leagues ahead of where I was when I was their age… You also have to figure that kids born to parents during the Cold War naturally had their heads filled with anti-leftist nonsense. That is why we see and will continue to see the center shift left of the political spectrum.


  4. Ms. Holland,

    Family is the compensation for old age. One of my daughters is getting married very soon. When you’ve successfully raised up the next generation, you stop comparing every thing to your lost youth. There is much good to be said for enjoying middle age with family and friends .


    • I’m with you Alan. That pix at the top of my page is of a grandnephew and grandniece and they thrill me!

      I love this time of life, absolutely love it.

      Congrats on the daughter – enjoy every minute.


  5. Ms. Holland,

    Thank you, I always loved the wedding scenes in the movie The Godfather . It made me wish I was Italian, instead of being an English-Russian mutt.


    • And this Irish-English-Norweigan-Scots mutt would actually like to have had a dance with a few of those guys. There’s an inexplicable attraction women have to dangerous men.


  6. God, how I dread middle age, Moe. No offense. I am almost 29, and squint lines are starting to show up on my face, and crow’s feet. I hate it. I play online games and when gamers find out I am almost 30 they act like that is old. I see pictures of myself 10 years ago. I am starting to show age. No offense, but I hate it. I dread it. Just knowing that it’s all downhill from here. Not a blessing. A curse. 😦


    • WEll Sam, middle age can be a real bitch because you’ll be working as hard or harder as you ever have in your life and will probably have huge stresses. But once you’re past middle age (I consider myself PAST middle age) it’s sweet. I know that things can go wrong at any moment at htis age, but still, it’s very very sweet.

      It may last a nice long time for me (I hope so), since my parents made it to their 69th wedding anniversary and my dad is still around.

      All that being said, I sure woulnd’t mind being 29 for a few days!


  7. Thanks. I would consider… 17-27= young. 28-35= prime. 36-42= mature. 43-55= middle age. 56-69= senior. 70-94= elderly. 95 and up= OLD AS HELL.


  8. Samuel Rosenbalm,

    ” I play online games and when gamers find out I am almost 30 they act like that is old. ”

    Hang out with 35 year old women and you will feel young, and so will they. 🙂 There is a lot more to life than computer games .


  9. Thanks Alan. As a matter of fact, I am more attracted to 35 year old women than women my age or under. No, I am not attracted to “girls” at all. I like women. And 35 is the age of a woman.


  10. Samuel Rosenbalm,

    There is nothing wrong with trying to keep yourself in as good a shape as you can as you age. Ego in that respect is a good thing.

    But you have to realize you will be 40 and 50 some day. Look at folks that age now and decide which one you are going to be. There are plenty of role models, good and bad all around you .


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