What we do to ourelves

Here’s one to keep an eye on. As the US, for the first time, begins the process of paying official attention to what’s in our food and why are children are in the middle of an obesity epidemic, the lobbyists are doubling up their efforts. Witness: salt.

“[as we are] urging food companies to greatly reduce their use of salt. Last month, the Institute of Medicine went further, urging the government to force companies to do so.

But the industry is working overtly and behind the scenes to fend off these attacks, using a shifting set of tactics that have defeated similar efforts for 30 years, records and interviews show. Industry insiders call the strategy โ€œdelay and divertโ€ and say companies have a powerful incentive to fight back: they crave salt as a low-cost way to create tastes and textures.”

11 responses to “What we do to ourelves

  1. I don’t get this. Kids are fat, but it’s the food industries fault because of the salt used in food preparation? … so we need more government regulations? I have difficulty understanding the mind-set of if there’s a problem anywhere, with anything that people think the answer is more government control. Why not educating parents to control what and how much their children eat? Just a thought.


  2. [Why not educate parents to control what and how much their children eat? ]

    Did you ever see the movie Wall-E?

    You are right, in that education is a HUGE part of how we deal with this and what’s being proposed at the gov’t level – but whoever’s fault (or responsiblity) it is, it sure isn’t the kids. And people don’t read every single label – it would be impossible.

    And – very important – you, the taxpayer currently subsidize sugar, corn syrup and salt, making them CHEAP and making food cheap. Making the wrong kind of food cheap – the food with very little nutritional value and lots of calories. And we pay the price again down the road with health care. It’s nuts!

    Steve, ask any doctor what he/she thinks of the health implications of salt in processed food – and see Wall-E anyway cuz it’s a tender wonderful story.


    • I’m not suggesting at all that processed food is any good and I’m aware that excessive salt is very bad. When it comes to children, in my view the parents are responsible for healthy eating habits. In my humble opinion people die and in most adults, the thing that’s going to kill them is probably already woking in their bodies, but jeez, I just get mind blown when people think the govenment should control everything. Maybe they could outlaw ALL processed foods and make a law that everyone has to eat organic stuff, then there won’t be any labels to read either.


      • Steve – again, the way many things gain supremacy in the market (like sugar salt etc) is because of incentives offered by government. If we just lifted the subsidies, less toxic food would have a shot at competing. Right now, the processors dominate. Gov’t doesn’t have to tell us what to eat and I am pretty confident they never have and never will. They can -and should – however, change the subsidy system.

        I don’t want the next generation to live in a culture of fat sluggish people.

        And you never told me if you saw Wall-E.


        • No ma’am I’ve never seen Wall-E. Perhaps while I’m here at work today I’ll check it out on Netflix on my computer if it’s available instantly.
          Oh, and that kid in the picture IS really fat! jeez!


          • Sure is – and look at what he’s eating. I saw a news story last night about China. In the cities, KFC and McD’s are everywhere – and for the first time in thier history, obestity is becoming a problem. Taht can’t be good and I’m sure we can’t look to those restaurant chains to get involved in solving the problem.

            Even our own Army is making noises about it – they’re having trouble with overweight troops.


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