We’re there. Happy Memorial Day America

A few days ago, I posted about an approaching milestone. Just a few hours ago, we reached it. We have now spent one trillion dollars on our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Where are the parades?

And do the soldiers know? After all, most of them are actually in Afghanistan, where it is the 234th day of the ninth year of the war.

6 responses to “We’re there. Happy Memorial Day America

  1. Check out this article, “America’s forgotten war”. The news business have no money or interest in covering it anymore…

    And I think there was a troop level intersection this week as well, 92.000 in both Afghanistan and Iraq..


  2. Happy Belated Memorial Day!
    It has been a while seeing you.
    miss you.
    love to see you hang in here, rocking the world with wise words and brilliant ideas.


  3. Happy June, Moe!
    U Rock!


    • Jingle

      You’re so thoughtful to come by and say hello. So hello right back at ya’.

      I still visit you often, just haven’t been commenting.


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