As good as it gets

Took the afternoon off.

13 responses to “As good as it gets

  1. I heard that it’s getting rave reviews. Who’da thunk it?


    • Have you seen the first one from a few years ago Jim? I think that’s a must to appreciate this one. It can stand alone, but seeing the other informs the story. What’d I think? I think it was just terrific. Rich character development and great looking. Plenty of cliches of course, you can’t do this sort of movie without the requisite good guys/bad guys, but I just enjoyed every single minute.


  2. Cheers to your enjoyment!


  3. Great tip!! And I’ll see the first one first then 🙂


  4. Hi Moe!

    Saw both the “first” one and this one, thought the first was good and this one was great. Special effects did a tremendous job of making us believe the apes were physically real, while the script and acting were strong enough to make us believe the apes were emotionally real as well (and of course, a great job showing Caesar as being more of a true leader than the humans!)

    Glad you enjoyed it and hope you’re doing well.


    • That’s exactly how I saw it too Vern – they basically created in Caesar a leading man – and we could connect with him emotionally. Well done indeed.

      And I great – thanks. You too I hope.


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