And the Friday pressure piles up on Moe . . .

There’s something in the ether today that insists I post this. For the third time. But why not – it’s still absolutely true that Dion & The Belmonts pretty much did this stuff to perfection. (See Shep? I pay attention.)

6 responses to “And the Friday pressure piles up on Moe . . .

  1. You’re the very cute blonde in the third row, right?
    Passed Belmont Ave in the Bronx often, commuting to
    high school & college.
    Our high scool dance band played several dances at Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish on (or near). Belmont Ave.
    Back then known to be a great but rough neighborhood.


    • All we could boast in our CT years was ‘the kids in Bristol are sharp as a crystal . . . ” And ‘Mr. John Law” was from a local guy who went to my elementary school!


  2. It’s always just a little odd to me that I so love old 40s to 60s music. My mother played this stuff on LP or reel-to-reel as the weekend alarm clock. Hearing Doo-Wop played non-ironically is strange enough, but the uncomfortably long dwell of the camera on the Asian girl was a bit unsettling.


  3. Still works two Fridays later. 🙂


  4. I am so lazy Frank! At least I should manage a new oldie on Friday. But thanks – glad you enjoyed.


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