Pet peeve: Settings that sneak around and change themselves when you’re not looking

This morning’s surprise here at Whatever Works: instead of the usual visible list of ‘recent comments’ on the homepage, here’s what I woke up to instead:

There are no public comments available to display.

Any fellow WordPress bloggers know what’s going on – I can’t find a fix.

UPDATE: It’s even worse. No comments are even coming in – nothing on the blog or in my email since midnight. And now no email at all since noon. So maybe it’s a provider or email problem. Yikes. Since I can’t see comments, feel free to email any thoughts to me:

FINAL UPDATE (I hope): A just-as-mysterious self correction has opened the dates and now mail and  comments are flowing again. That odd message under ‘Recent Comments’ on the homepage still there.

10 responses to “Pet peeve: Settings that sneak around and change themselves when you’re not looking

  1. Sometimes just going into the specific widget and then saving works after you refresh your page…


    • Well, wasn’t’ that all fun T4T, eh? Real damage was done, and for what. We’re led by lizards.


      • There is always damage done. My issue is the fear they instill in people. The damage caused by that far outweighs any kind of collapse. In fact, most of us can handle the events its the uncertainties that create the most problems.


        • It seems people have been losing confidence in government since Vietnam and it becomes a little weaker every few years – never goes up. And the increasing incidents of ‘governing by crisis’ are really making it so much worse.


  2. Oh a cyberspace issue…how unusual.


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