Two things – entirely unconnected

Part the firstest: f*ck iGoogle. (Can anyone recommend another homepage I can customize? I’m on Firefox.)

Part the secondary:

4 responses to “Two things – entirely unconnected

  1. Wow, that really captures human nature all right.

    I used Yahoo news for a home page until this year and then switched to Google news, which I like better the more I use it. For one thing I like that it opens news items in a separate tab, which makes shifting back to page one faster. What about it frets ya, Moe?


    • Well Jim, Ted Cruz was born Canadian and was until recently a dual citizen, so it does seem appropriate, yes?

      iGoogle is what I’ve been using for a homepage for a few years and it’s GREAT – you build your page choosing what appears – I have youtube, wikipedia, translate, maps, weather and radar, news feeds, clicks to multiple email accounts, a calendar and an area to write notes in. Plus it’s offers groups so you can share documents etc. It’s been wonderful and for some frackin’ reason, Google has decided to END iGoogle. They have, as yet, never quite explained why. They’re just retiring it and not replacing it with anything else. So I’m shopping .. . can you customize your Google news homepage?


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