Just ask Rush how it’s done

The problem, you see, is that they don’t do it the American way. One at a time.

21 responses to “Just ask Rush how it’s done

  1. Sheesh. And who is Beck to have something to say about polygamy, anyway?


    • Is he Mormon???!!!


      • Which means he’s got a LOT to say about polygamy since the Mormons are officially against it ad very sensitive about it since giving it up was one of the demands by the US government to stop exterminating them…and no, that’s a simplification but not an exaggeration.

        On the other hand, speaking as a polygamist, BOTH Muslims and those Mormon off-shoots who practice it make my family’s life that much harder by feeding into the stereotype which is frankly despicable.


        • From what I’ve read they still practice it, even right in Salt Lake City. You can tell because their houses look odd–they have multiple front doors, since each wife gets her own entrance.


          • You’ve read wrong and that second door is the “preacher’s door” – a hold-over from earlier times when one door led into the formal parlor and the other to the family spaces.


            • That’s what’s so odd about them–sometimes a house will have three or four “front doors”–and you can see them right from the street. But the authorities never take any action.


        • @jonolan

          Polygamist??? I find it so much easier just being a polyamorist. 🙂


          • Too much socio-political baggage is associated with that term for my taste and my family’s behavior better matches the term, polygamy than polyamory.


  2. So this is what we’re scared of now…harems??


  3. I guess people here pointed out that we have American’s with
    Wives here…Right?


    • Perfectly phrased bruce. Perfect.


    • …scientifically accurately phrased as well. 😉 It’s also, in biological / sociological circles known as the Male Compromise Theory.

      Of course, then one has to differentiated between Social Monogamy and Sexual Monogamy. Given our history, that’s a very important distinction since many, many many people are socially monogamous – they exhibit all outwards signs of a pair-bonded couple – but are NOT sexually monogamous, i.e., our long-running infidelity rates.


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