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Just ask Rush how it’s done

The problem, you see, is that they don’t do it the American way. One at a time.

Just sayin’

Marriage is a legal act, not a religious one. Married is a legal status.

So all unions should be – in law – civil unions, no matter the genders.

If people want to, they can go ahead and add a religious ceremony.


Dick Cheney’s daughter got all gay-married

Damn that Obama.


At least they didn’t make us marry the goat

Dear Elvis, can you get their deity out of my legislators. And my body. Please.

Some random thoughts arising from my extreme annoyance caused by the legions of men who think they know best:

Republican men in suits on my teevee keep telling me that birth control is a sin and that same sex marraige is an abomination, because it was ordained by their god to be between one man and one woman. They’ve successfully sold that marriage part to their fellow religionists while the rest of the country moves on. But that birth control bit is, I think, going to cause them a bit of trouble.

Historically – and to the present in many parts of the world (no matter what the Reverend Republicans say) – marriage has been an economic contract, not a religious state. Even the English expression ‘took a wife’ is a reminder of what was once a universal tenet – that women were property. This idea is apparently enjoying something of a revival among the overly religious who demand  authority over women’s bodies. They also want the State to give them that authority, all legal like. (No more the ‘mommy state’, now comes the ‘daddy state’.)

One man and one woman? Meh. Even that Commandment about ‘cleaving’ feels a bit empty since it was handed down to a man who himself had a few Mrs. Moseses.  Multiple wives abound in the Old Testament and in ‘holy’ scriptures of all religions. (Of course, today’s version of that is the taking of serial wives, as practiced by Messrs. Gingrich, Trump, Limbaugh, and other stalwarts of traditional values. )

Marriage, no matter the attitudes and rituals of the religious, is a civil contract, one which requires a license.

Remember the Florida ‘Uterati’? (Background here)

Just go away I say.

Been a while

Good old Rush Limbaugh isn’t really worth noticing any more – he’s moved from interesting if vile, to vapid and vile. So, dung heap of history and all . . . but Wonkette resurrected him yesterday, quite stylishly, directing us to the old dear’s Facebook page where he’s posted heavily photoshopped pictures of his fourth wedding.

(How do you get a military flag parade at your wedding? I know Justice Clarence Thomas officiated at your last wedding Rush – is that the string one pulls to get Marines marching in to your wedding – your wedding on a friggin’ stage?)

I was kind of hoping he’d have given us some pictures of his other weddings. The ones to Roxy Maxine McNeely (1977-1980), Michelle Sixta (1983-1988), and Marta Maranda Fitzgerald (1994-2004), but no.

A-h-h-h.  Memories.

As I say, not as I do: PART THE THIRD

Mr. Limbaugh of Palm Beach has married yet again.  For the fourth time.  Mr. Bouncy Bouncy previously married Roxy Maxine McNeely (1977-1980);  Michelle Sixta (1983-1988) and Marta Maranda Fitzgerald (1994-2004). Yesterday, he married Kathryn Rogers (2010-).

But he doesn’t like gay marriage. Here’s what he said to the Palm Beach Post in 2004 (the year of his last divorce) about that: Marriage is about raising children. That’s the purpose of the institution.  In his three previous marriages, Rush hasn’t managed to have any children. I hear he does have a cat.

This champion of the common man – most of whom marry once – lives in a $24 million, 36,500-square-foot oceanfront mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. When he doesn’t live in his lavish $14 million condo in New York City. Which has been profiled in magazines like New York Magazine!

Mazel tov, idiot.

(To my horror, famous gay Elton John performed at the rehearsal supper for one million American dollars.)